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Glossary of Terms beginning Alphabet-L

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Glossary of Terms beginning Alphabet-L

LCSAJ means "Linear Code Sequence And Jump", consists of the following three items (conventionally identified by line numbers in a source code listing like 1) The start of the linear sequence of executable statements 2) The end of the linear sequence, and 3) The target line to which control flow is transferred at the end of the linear sequence.

LCSAJ Coverage:
LCSAJ Coverage is the percentage of LCSAJ’s of a component which have been exercised by a test suite. 100% LCSAJ coverage implies 100% decision coverage.

LCSAJ Testing:
LCSAJ testing is a white box test design technique in which test cases are designed to execute LCSAJs.

Life Cycle Testing:

face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Life Cycle Testing refers to the process of carrying out verification of consistency, completeness and correctness of software at every stage of the development life cycle. It aims at catching the defects as early as possible and thus reduces the cost of fixing them. It achieves this by continuously testing the system during all stages of the development process rather than just limiting testing to the last stage. A separate test team is formed in the beginning of the project. When the project starts both the system development process and system test process begins. Both system development team as well as the Test team starts at the same point using the same information.

Load Testing:
Load Testing is a test performed with an objective to determine the maximum sustainable load which the system can handle. Load is varied from a minimum (zero) to the maximum level the system can sustain without running out of resources or causing excessive delay in transactions.

Localization Testing:

Localization Testing term refers to making software specifically designed for a specific locality.

Loop Coverage:
Loop Coverage is a metric, which reports whether you executed each loop body zero times, exactly once, and more than once (consecutively). For do-while loops, loop coverage reports whether you executed the body exactly once, and more than once. Its strong feature is determining whether while-loops and for-loops execute more than once, information not reported by other metrics.

Loop Testing:
Loop Testing is a white box testing technique that exercises program loops.

Low Level Test Case:
Low Level Test Case refers to the test case with concrete (implementation level) values for input data and expected results.

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