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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 71 to 80

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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 71 to 80

(Questions, solution or answers of which must be known to each & every Software QA Manager)

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 61 to Q 70 are at the end of this page:

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 71: The tester should include the following when documenting a feature-by-feature risk assessment:

A. Resources available.
B. The cost of available resources.
C. The impact of failure.
D. A projection of sick days and vacations.

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Q. 72: Entry criteria for testing must be:

A. Flexible.
B. Measurable.
C. Associated with known defects.
D. Automatable.

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Q. 73: Total_work_hours / (hours_available_per_week * productivity_factor) is a formula for:

A. Test efficiency.
B. Test duration.
C. Test effort.
D. Tester productivity.

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Q. 74: A tester should take a first pass at risk analysis:

A. After the vision document is complete.
B. After high-level requirements are established.
C. After all requirements are established and accepted by the development team.
D. After test planning is complete and before test execution begins.

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Q. 75: The test environment should be defined in the:

A. Functional specification.
B. Test plan document.
C. Vision document.
D. Test scripts.

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Q. 76: When planning security testing, the tester should treat the following as the most important:

A. Confidentiality of data.
B. Availability of the server.
C. Both confidentiality of data and availability of the server.
D. Depends on the application being tested.

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Q. 77: GUI test automation tools are best used to automate:

A. System testing.
B. Unit testing.
C. Performance testing.
D. Functional testing.

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Q. 78: Writing a strong test plan document involves:

A. Including both static and dynamic information so that everything may be found in one place.
B. Specifying the same testing for all iterations in order to maintain a consistent approach.
C. Identifying risks to the organization and ways to mitigate that risk.
D. Specifying, first and foremost, whether a test is to be implemented manually or through automation.

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Q. 79: A Fagan inspection includes:

A. Reaching agreement between inspection team members on the design.
B. Methods for measuring the effectiveness of the inspection.
C. Identifying solutions to issues identified.
D. Working on alternate designs.

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Q. 80: Exception testing generates the following for each possible exceptional condition.

A. Test cases.
B. Termination scenarios.
C. Responses.
D. Actions.

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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