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Rehearsal of QTP in 1 Hr-Interview Questions 81-90

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Rehearsal of QTP in 1 Hr: Interview Questions 81 90

While appearing in an interview for a position on HP QuickTest Professional, do a quick rehearsal of your knowledge on this tool.

Here is a collection of 180 short questions, QTP Managers commonly use while interviewing new aspirants for their organization.

The entire rehearsal of these questions can take less than an hour.

Set of Ten Questions

Q. 81: How to do we do the scripting? Is there any inbuilt functions in QTP as in QTP-S? What is the difference between them? How to handle script issues?

Yes, there's an in-built functionality called "Step Generator"

in Insert->Step->Step

Generator -F7, which will generate the scripts as u enter the appropriate steps.

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Q. 82: What is the difference between checkpoint and output value?

An output value is a value captured during the test run and entered in the run-time but to a specified location.

For example: Location in Data Table[Global sheet / local sheet]

Another difference is that a checkpoint only checks for the specific attribute of an object in AUT while Output value can output those attributes value to a column in data table.

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Q. 83: Types of properties that QTP learns while recording?

a) Mandatory
b) Assistive

In addition to recording the mandatory and assistive properties specified in the Object Identification dialog box, QTP can also record a backup ordinal identifier for each test object.

The ordinal identifier assigns the object a numerical value that indicates its order relative to other objects with an otherwise identical description (objects that have the same values for all properties specified in the mandatory and assistive property lists).

This ordered value enables QTP to create a unique description when the mandatory and assistive properties are not sufficient to do so.

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Q. 84: Can you quickly tell me the Differences between QTP and Winrunner?

a) QTP is object bases Scripting (VBS) where Winrunner is TSL (C based) Scripting.

b) QTP supports ".NET" application Automation not available in Winrunner

c) QTP has "Active Screen" support, which captures the application, not available in WR.

d) QTP has "Data Table" to store script values, variables which WR does not have.

e) Using a "point and click" capability you can easily interface with objects, their definitions and create checkpoints after having recorded a script without having to navigate back to that location in your application like you have to with WinRunner. This greatly speeds up script development.

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Q. 85: What are the commonly used Excel VBA functions?

Common functions are:

# Coloring the cell

# Auto fit cell

# Setting navigation from link in one cell to other saving

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Q. 86: How does Parameterization and Data-Driving relate to each other in QTP?

To datadrive we have to parameterize.i.e. we have to make the constant value as parameter, so that in each iteraration(cycle) it takes a value that is supplied in run-time datatable.

Through parameterization only we can drive a transaction(action) with different sets of data.

Running the script with the same set of data several times is not advisable.

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Q. 87: What is the difference between Call to Action and Copy Action?

Call to Action: The changes made in Call to Action will be reflected in the original action (from where the script is called).

Copy Action: The changes made in the script, will not effect the original script(Action)

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Q. 88: How to verify the Cursor focus of a certain field?

Use "focus" property of "GetRoProperty" method"

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Q. 89: What are the limitations of XML Checkpoints?

HP has determined that 1.4MB is the maximum size of a XML file that QTP can handle

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Q. 90: How to make arguments optional in a function?

This is not possible, as default VBS doesn't support this. Instead you can pass a blank string and have a default value if arguments are not required.

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