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Rehearsal of QTP in 1 Hr-Interview Questions 51-60

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Rehearsal of QTP in 1 Hr: Interview Questions 51 – 60

While appearing in an interview for a position on HP QuickTest Professional, do a quick rehearsal of your knowledge on this tool.

Here is a collection of 180 short questions, QTP Managers commonly use while interviewing new aspirants for their organization.

The entire rehearsal of these questions can take less than an hour.

Set of Ten Questions

Q. 51: How can we clear the AutoComplete?

1) In your Internet Explorer’s menu bar, choose Tools > Internet Options > Content tab.

2) Click AutoComplete in the Personal information area. The AutoComplete Settings dialog box


3) In the Use AutoComplete for area, clear the User names and passwords on forms option.

4) Click OK to save your changes and close the AutoComplete Settings dialog box, then click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.

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Q. 52: What is Object Spy in QTP?

Using the Object Spy, you can view the properties of any object in an open application.

You use the Object Spy pointer to point to an object.

The Object Spy displays the selected object’s hierarchy tree and its properties and values in the Properties tab of the Object Spy dialog box.

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Q. 53: What is the Difference between Image check-point and Bit map Checkpoint?

Image checkpoints enable you to check the properties of a Web image. You can check an area of a Web page or application as a bitmap. While creating a test or component, you specify the area you want to check by selecting an object. You can check an entire object or any area within an object.

QTP captures the specified object as a bitmap, and inserts a checkpoint in the test or component. You can also choose to save only the selected area of the object with your test or component in order to save disk Space For example, suppose you have a Web site that can display a map of a city the user specifies. The map has control keys for zooming. You can record the new map that is displayed after one click on the control key that zooms in the map. Using the bitmap checkpoint, you can check that the map zooms in correctly.

You can create bitmap checkpoints for all supported testing environments (as long as the appropriate add-ins are loaded).

The results of bitmap checkpoints may be affected by factors such as operating system, screen resolution, and color settings.

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Q. 54: In how many ways we can parameterize data in QTP?

There are four types of parameters:

a) Test, action or component parameters - enable you to use values passed from your test or component, or values from other actions in your test.

b) Data Table parameters - enable you to create a data-driven test (or action) that runs several times using the data you supply. In each repetition, or iteration, QTP uses a different value from the Data Table.

c) Environment variable parameters - enable you to use variable values from other sources during the run session. These may be values you supply, or values that QTP generates for you based on conditions and options you choose.

d) Random number parameters: enable you to insert random numbers as values in your test or component. For example, to check how your application handles small and large ticket orders, you can have QTP generate a random number and insert it in a number of tickets edit field.

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Q. 55: How do you do batch testing in WinRunner & is it possible to do in QTP, if so explain - how?

Batch Testing in WinRunner is nothing but running the whole test set by selecting "Run Testset" from the "Execution Grid".

The same is possible with QTP also. If our test cases are automated then by selecting "Run Testset" all the test scripts can be executed. In this process the Scripts get executed one by one by keeping all the remaining scripts in "Waiting" mode.

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Q. 56: How to use the Object spy in QTP?

There are two ways to Spy the objects in QTP

1) Through file toolbar: In the File toolbar click on the last toolbar button (an icon showing a person with hat).

2) Through Object repository Dialog: In Object repository dialog click on the button"object spy..."

In the Object spy Dialog click on the button showing hand symbol. the pointer now changes in to a hand symbol and we have to point out the object to spy the state of the object if at all the object is not visible.


When window is minimized then Hold the Ctrl button and activate the required window to and release the Ctrl button.

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Q. 57: What is the file extension of the code file & object repository file in QTP?

File extension are:

# Per test object rep :-

# Shared Oject rep :- filename.tsr

# Code file extension id script.mts

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Q. 58: How do we create an Output Value using QTP?

1) Start QTP and open the Parameter test.

2) Save the test as Output.

3) Confirm that the Active Screen option is enabled.

4) Select the text you want to use as an output value.

5) Set the output value settings.

6) Modify the table checkpoint.

7) Save the test.

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Q. 59: What do you understand by a checkpoint being in red color? What do you do?

A red color indicates failure. Here we analyze the cause for failure whether it is a Script Issue or Environment Issue or a Application issue.

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Q. 60: What do you call the window testdirector-testlab?

"Execution Grid". It is place from where we Run all Manual / Automated Scripts

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