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Rehearsal of LoadRunner in 1 Hr-Interview Questions 21-30

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Rehearsal of LoadRunner in 1 Hr: Interview Questions 21 – 30

While appearing in an interview for a position on HP LoadRunner, do a quick rehearsal of your knowledge on this tool.

Here is a collection of 80 short questions on LoadRunner & Load-Testing, the Test Managers commonly use while interviewing new aspirants for their organization.

The entire rehearsal of these questions can take less than an hour.

Set of Ten Questions

Q.21: VuGen Recording and Scripting?

LoadRunner script code obtained from recording in the ANSI C language syntax, represented by icons in icon view until you click Script View.

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Q.22: What are Scenarios?

Scenarios encapsulate the Vuser Groups and scripts to be executed on load generators at run-time.

Manual scenarios can distribute the total number of Vusers among scripts based on the analyst-specified percentage (evenly among load generators).

Goal Oriented scenarios are automatically created based on a specified transaction response time or number of hits/transactions-per-second (TPS). Test analysts specify the % of Target among scripts.

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Q.23: When do you disable log in Virtual User Generator, When do you choose standard and extended logs?

Once we debug our script and verify that it is functional, we can enable logging for errors only. When we add a script to a scenario, logging is automatically disabled.

Standard Log Option: When you select Standard log, it creates a standard log of functions and messages sent during script execution to use for debugging. Disable this option for large load testing scenarios. When you copy a script to a scenario, logging is automatically disabled

Extended Log Option: Select extended log to create an extended log, including warnings and other messages. Disable this option for large load testing scenarios. When you copy a script to a scenario, logging is automatically disabled. We can specify which additional information should be added to the extended log using the Extended log options.

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Q.24: How do you debug a LoadRunner script?

VuGen contains two options to help debug Vuser scripts-the Run Step by Step command and breakpoints. The Debug settings in the Options dialog box allow us to determine the extent of the trace to be performed during scenario execution.

The debug information is written to the Output window. We can manually set the message class within your script using the lr_set_debug_message function.

This is useful if we want to receive debug information about a small section of the script only.

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Q.25: How do you write user defined functions in LoadRunner?

Before we create the User Defined functions we need to create the external library (DLL) with the function.

We add this library to VuGen bin directory. Once the library is added then we assign user defined function as a parameter.

The function should have the format: __declspec (dllexport) char* (char*, char*)

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Q.26: What are the changes you can make in run-time settings?

The Run Time Settings that we make are:

Pacing - It has iteration count.

Log - Under this we have Disable Logging Standard Log and

Extended Think Time - In think time we have two options like Ignore think time and Replay think time.

General - Under general tab we can set the vusers as process or as multithreading and whether each step as a transaction.

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Q.27: Where do you set Iteration for Vuser testing?

We set Iterations in the Run Time Settings of the VuGen. The navigation for this is Run time settings, Pacing tab, set number of iterations.

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Q.28: How do you perform functional testing under load?

Functionality under load can be tested by running several Vusers concurrently.

By increasing the amount of Vusers, we can determine how much load the server can sustain.

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Q.29: How do we use network drive mappings?

If several load generators need to access the same physical files, rather than having to remember to copy the files each time they change, each load generator can reference a common folder using a mapped drive. But since drive mappings are associated with a specific user:

Logon the load generator as the user the load generator will use

Open Windows Explorer and under Tools select Map a Network Drive and create a drive. It saves time and hassle to have consistent drive letters across load generators, so some organizations reserve certain drive letters for specific locations.

Open the LoadRunner service within Services (accessed from Control Panel, Administrative Tasks), Click the "Login" tab.

Specify the username and password the load generator service will use. (A dot appears in front of the username if the userid is for the local domain).

Stop and start the service again.

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Q.30: What is Ramp up? How do you set this?

This option is used to gradually increase the amount of Vusers/load on the server.

An initial value is set and a value to wait between intervals can be specified.

To set Ramp Up, go to ‘Scenario Scheduling Options’

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