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Quality Center Certification Skill Test-Q. 361 to 370

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Quality Center Certification Skill Test: Q. 361 to 370

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP Quality Center 9.2 under the Series
(Quickly Review Your HP - QC Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HP0-M15)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 351 to Q 360 are at the end of this page:

Q. 361: What are the default requirement types within Quality Center 9.2?

A. System, Group, Testing, Functional, Unknown, and User
B. Business, Folder, Functional, Group, Testing, and Undefined
C. Functional, Business, Group, Undefined, System, and Internal
D. Functional, System, Undefined, Testing, Folder, and Unknown

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Q. 362: Which are some of the advantages of defining test requirements clearly and correctly at the beginning of a project? Select three.

A. It helps prevent scope creep.
B. It aids development and testing.
C. It is used as code-base definition.
D. It sets clear expectations between teams.
E. It reduces planning for the infrastructure architecture. .

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Q. 363: After defining a manual test, which component do you use to add the step details of the test?

A. Detail Editor
B. Script Editor
C. Design Test Editor
D. Design Step Editor

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Q. 364: Which reports come pre-configured in the Requirements module? Select three.

A. Traced from Requirements
B. Standard Requirements Report
C. Requirements with Linked Bugs
D. Requirements with Pass Status
E. Requirements with Coverage Tests

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Q. 365: Which statement best describes a requirement?

A. A requirement links the defects found in the application.
B. A requirement provides the timeline of the testing process.
C. A requirement maps the coverage of tests to be performed.
D. A requirement details what needs to be tested in an application.

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Q. 366: Which sub-tabs does the Requirements Traceability tab contain?

A. Relationships and Impact Analysis
B. Relationships and Traceability Links
C. Impact Analysis and Traceability Links
D. Traceability Relationships and Analysis

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Q. 367: In relationships between modules in Quality Center 9.2, which statement is true?

A. You are not required to use the Release module in order to use the Requirements Module.

B. You must use the Test Lab module in order to establish linkage between a defect and a requirement.

C. If you want defects linked to test runs, you must log them via the Test Lab module at test execution time.

D. You are required to set up testing requirements in the Requirements Module before you can use the Test Plan module.

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Q. 368: When tying a requirement to a cycle, to what else is it automatically tied?

A. To the release of the cycle
B. To other cycles within the release
C. To other requirements within the cycle
D. To other requirements within the release

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Q. 369: Which command is used to create an automated test from an existing manual test?

A. Generate Test
B. Automate Test
C. Generate Script
D. Automate Script

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Q. 370: What does the Direct Cover Status field represent?

A. Has the requirement been linked to a test set, and if so, what tests are included?

B. Has the requirement been linked to a cycle, and if so, what is the status of the cycle?

C. Has the requirement been linked to a defect, and if so, what is the status of the defect?

D. Has the requirement been linked to a test, and if so, what is the status of the test's execution?

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Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 351 to Q 360 are as under:

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