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QTP Certification-Review your Skills-Q. 301 to 310

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QTP Certification-Review your Skills:Q. 301 to 310

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on QTP - QuickTest Professional under the Series

(Quickly Review Your QTP Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 291 to Q 300 are at the end of this page:

normal">Q. 301: What are the two most commonly used ADO objects?


A. Fields

B. Execute

C. Connection, RecordSet

D. Open, ConnectionString


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 302: How do you declare a constant?


A. Dim Statement

B. Con Statement

C. Const Statement

D. Option Explicit statement


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Q. 303: What method is used to retrieve the number of columns in the query results?


A. Fields.Count

B. Fields.Item(EOF)

C. Fields.Count(BOF)

D. Fields.Count.Value


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 304: To bypass the Object Repository you can:



A. Turn the Object Repository off

B. Use a programmatic description

C. Delete all objects in all repositories

D. Add the object to the Object Repository Manager


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 305: What does the ChildObjects method return?


A. A Collection object

B. A string true/false


D. The number of objects matching the ChildObject description


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 306: What object is used to read information from a text file?


A. Read

B. ReadLine

C. TextStream

D. FileSystem

E. OpenTextFile


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 307: If you are typing in Expert View and you type an object followed by a dot, what does QuickTest display?


A. Nothing

B. The arguments for that object

C. The methods and properties for that object

D. The child objects and methods for that object


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 308: By default, how does QuickTest pass arguments to the procedure?


A. ByVal

B. ByRef

C. ByArg

D. ByRes


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 309: What object is used to send information to test results at the completion of the test run?


A. Result

B. Reporter

C. ReportEvent

D. ResultReport


<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>


Q. 310: If a procedure is defined in a test script, that procedure is accessible to which tests/scripts?


A. Only to other procedures

B. It is not usable to any test scripts

C. The test script in which it is defined

D. Using the Step Generator, it is available to any test script


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