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Major Functional Testing Tools-Part 2

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This is the Part - 2 of 3 

Some of the Major Functional testing tools are listed in alphabetical order below.

If any one knows any other tool as well, please send details to us, so as to enable us to include the same in this list.

31) JFunc: JUnit Functional Testing Extension; From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool. It is an extension to the JUnit testing framework to make it easier for use with functional tests. Functional testing (also called integration testing) significantly differs from unit testing in a number of respects. Part of this project is dedicated towards putting together code to address these differences; the other part of this project is putting together methodologies for functional testing.

Basic Requirement: JUnit

32) JPdfUnit: From

Brief Introduction: It is a tool for testing of PDF documents. It Integrates PDFBox as a PDF API along-with the JUnit framework. It is a high level API. Its simple & user friendly assertions are quite helpful in comparing the expected data versus the concrete data in PDF documents.

33) jWebUnit: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source Java framework which facilitates creation of acceptance tests for web applications. jWebUnit provides a high-level API for navigating a web application combined with a set of assertions to verify the application's correctness. This includes navigation via links, form entry and submission, validation of table contents, and other typical business web application features. This code utilizes HttpUnit behind the scenes. The simple navigation methods and ready-to-use assertions allow for more rapid test creation than using only JUnit and HttpUnit.

34) Latka: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source functional (end-to-end) testing tool. It is implemented in Java, and uses an XML syntax to define a series of HTTP (or HTTPS) requests and a set of validations used to verify that the request was processed correctly.

Basic Requirement: JDK 1.3 or better  

35) Linux Test Project: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source collection of tools for testing the Linux kernel and related features. Our goal is to improve the Linux kernel by bringing test automation to the kernel testing effort.

Basic Requirement: Linux  

36) LISA: From

Brief Introduction: It is a versatile automated testing tool for J2EE applications & websites. It employs "inline testing" technology to handle every component in the infrastructure. Its powerful wizards are quite helpful to connect to, analyze and interact with EJBs, databases, messaging layers & web services / SOAP objects.

37) LogiTest: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool. It is the core application in the LogiTest suite. The LogiTest application provides a simple graphical user interface for creating and playing back tests for testing Internet-based applications.

Basic Requirement: JDK 1.2 or higher  

38) Marathon: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source general purpose tool for both running and authoring acceptance tests geared at the Java Platform Version 1.3 or later. Included with marathon is a rich suite of components to help you interact with your application at the User Interface Level (GUI). To aid with the regression testing of existing applications, Marathon comes bundled with a recorder to capture events as you use and interact with your application. These events are then converted into a valid Marathon test which can subsequently be played back.

Basic Requirement: Java 1.3 or later  

39) MaxQ: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source web functional testing tool. It includes an HTTP proxy that records your test script, and a command line utility that can be used to playback tests. The paradigm of MaxQ is similar to commercial web testing tools like Astra QuickTest or Empirix e-Test. These products are quite expensive. MaxQ hopes to provide the essential features: HTTP test recording, scripting, and playback without the huge cost.

Basic Requirement: Java 1.2 or later  

40) MITS.GUI: From

Brief Introduction: It is a robust testing tool using an intelligent state machine engine which makes real-time decisions for navigating through the GUI portion of an application without any scripts. Testers can feed the test data in a spreadsheet which in turn can be used to populate various objects appearing for the specifically defined test scenario.

41) Netvantage Functional Tester: From

Brief Introduction: It is a functional and regression automated web testing tool. 

42) PETA: From

Brief Introduction: It is an automated software-testing tool using Eclipse-based platform. It takes care of the software life cycle right from the specification stage up to the maintenance phase. Various components of message based systems like Client/Server, Multi-tier and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) can be simulated & tested in isolation and under their own interaction. 

43) PesterCat: From

Brief Introduction: It is a web-testing tool meant for performing functional testing of web applications. It has an integrated proxy recorder, which enables us to record scripts using the web browser of our own choice.

Basic Requirements: Windows, Mac OSX & Linux.

44) Pounder: From

Brief Introduction: It is a utility for testing Java GUIs. It allows developers to dynamically load components, record scripts, and then use those scripts in JUnit. It supports custom components, drag and drop, and the examination of test runs in source.

45) PyUnit: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool for Unit testing framework. It uses Python language version of JUnit.  

46) QA Center: From

Brief Introduction: It is a test development and execution tool> It can be used for GUI and character-based client-server testing.

47) QAT (Quality Assurance Tests):

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool & was developed to ease the issues encountered by having to perform Quality Assurance tests across a variety of hardware and software combinations. The QAT tool can be divided into two main sections, the Agent, responsible for actually running each test or group of tests, and the Harness, which is responsible for test selection, management, result and agent co-ordination.

Basic Requirement: Java 2  

48) QMTest: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool which provides a cost-effective general purpose testing solution that allows an organization to implement a robust, easy-to-use testing program tailored to its needs. Its extensible architecture allows it to handle a wide range of application domains: everything from compilers to graphical user interfaces to web-based applications.

Basic Requirement: QMTest works with most varieties of UNIX, including GNU/Linux, and with Microsoft Windows.  

49) QA Wizard: From

Brief Introduction: It is an automated functional testing tool for Web applications. Its automated scripting feature allows quick creation of large number of scripts. Its advanced object binding facility is helpful in reducing script changes in case of changes in the web-based application.  

50) Ranorex; From

Brief Introduction: It is a windows based GUI testing and automation framework for C++, Python and for .Net languages 

51) Rational Robot: From

Brief Introduction: It is an automated functional, regression, and smoke testing tool for e-applications 

52) Replay Xcessory: From

Brief Introduction: It is a test automation tool for Xt/Motif applications  

53) Repro: From

Brief Introduction: It is a recording cum annotating & playback tool. It involves process execution at multiple levels to provide great visibility into the process. It captures the video of the user actions. Every captured component is able to be viewed simultaneously during the playback to provide us an integrated and organized view of the recording along every dimension.  

54) SAP Software Quality Assurance Testing Tools: From

Brief Introduction: It is from the leading provider of SAP software quality assurance testing tools and products. 

55) Sahi:

Brief Introduction: It is an automation and testing tool for the web applications. It has facility to record and playback the scripts. It has been developed in java and uses simple javascript to execute the events on the browser. Its main features are text based scripts, in-browser controls & multi threaded playback. 

56) SAMIE: From

Brief Introduction: It is a free tool meant for automating the Internet Explorer. Perl module ( that allows a user to automate Internet Explorer. It is meant for software testers who want to test their browser applications.

Basic Requirements: Microsoft Windows  

57) Script Tech: From

Brief Introduction: It is a test script generation tool for WinRunner, TestPartner, SilkTest and other automation engines. It creates fully executable & explanatory test scripts. It does not require any understanding of the programming language. It uses very powerful global "find and replace" features for test data, object definitions and action definitions. 

58) Scalable Test Platform: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool for automating the QA testing process for the Linux Kernel, as well as automating benchmarking and regression testing on diverse hardware systems.

Basic Requirement: Linux  

59) Selenium: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool for browser-based testing of web applications. It can be used both for functional, compatibility (it has extensive cross-browser support) and regression testing.

Basic Requirement: Windows, Linux or Mac  

60) SoapTest: From

Brief Introduction: It is an automation tool for testing Web services. It helps in preventing errors by quickly doing load testing, server functional testing and client testing. It facilitates server functional testing by automatically creating a test suite from a WSDL document which tests every operation associated with that document.

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