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LoadRunner HPO-M49 Certification-Review your Skills-Q 11 to 20

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LoadRunner HPO-M49 Certification-Review your Skills: Q. 11 to 20

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on LoadRunner VuGen Module under the Series

(Quickly Review Your LoadRunner Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 1 to Q 10 are at the end of this page:

Q. 11: You want to create a Microsoft Word document for your web (HTTP/HTML) script that provides a list of transactions, rendezvous, parameters and step descriptions. How can this be accomplished?

A. Create a Business Process Report in VuGen
B. Create a Microsoft Word Report from Analysis
C. Select the option to export .usr file to a Microsoft Word document
D. Copy the information in the .usr file, and paste it into a Microsoft Word document

color=#800000 size=2 face=Arial>

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Q. 12: What is the local operator used for AND?

A. ||
B. --
C. &&
D. ++

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Q. 13: What is the programming term for different values at different times?

A. Variable
B. Function
C. Operator
D. Constant
E. Statement
F. Consistent

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Q. 14: What is the purpose of the strcat function?

A. Joins two strings
B. Compares two strings
C. Returns the length of a string
D. Copies one string to another string

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Q. 15: Exhibit


The screen shot is an example of which debugging tool?

A. Replay Log
B. Replay Summary
C. Run-time Viewer
D. Test Results Window

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Q. 16: Which function allows you to capture dynamic values returned from the server?

A. web_reg_find
B. web_reg_save_find
C. web_reg_save_value
D. web_reg_save_param

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Q. 17: Exhibit

The image highlights a button on the VuGen floating toolbar. Which function is added to your script when you click on this button?

A. web_find
B. web_reg_find
C. web_reg_dialog
D. web_reg_save_param

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Q. 18: Which type of script is a higher level that records in Browser or Context Sensitive mode when using the web protocol in VuGen?

D. Winsock

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Q. 19: You have created several new Auto Correlation rules. A new tester on your team is preparing to record a group of scripts on the same application on his workstation. What can you do to provide the tester with the correlation rules?

A. You do not need to do anything. Auto Correlation rules are global and are available to all testers using the same Controller machine.

B. Under the File menu, you select Zip Operations, then export to a zip file. You have the new tester import the file into his script.

C. The Auto Correlation rules are saved in the script main folder. You create a share so the other tester has access to the script main folder.

D. You export the Auto Correlation rules to a .cor file, and then have the new team member import the .cor file into his Auto Correlation rules.

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Q. 20: What must you do before attempting to automatically correlate after recording?

A. Enable the Auto Correlation feature
B. Play back the script at least one time
C. Ensure the snapshots are visible in the Tree view
D. Add the web_auto_correlation function to the global.h section

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