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LoadRunner HPO-M48 Certification Skill Test-Q. 21 to 30

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LoadRunner HPO-M48 Certification Skill Test: Q. 21 to 30

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on LoadRunner under the Series

(Quickly Review Your LoadRunner Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HP0-M18)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 11 to Q 20 are at the end of this page:

Q. 21: Which Analysis graph details transaction response times throughout the test?

A. Transactions per Second
B. Average Transaction Response Time
C. Transaction Response Time Under Load
D. Transaction Response Time (distribution)

size=2 face=Arial>

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Q. 22: Which types of reports can be automatically generated in the Analysis tool? (Select two.)

B. MS Excel
C. MS Word
D. Adobe PDF
E. Crystal Report
F. Rich Text Format

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Q. 23: Which graph can analyze each web page component's relative server and network time?

A. Throughput
B. Windows Resources
C. Time to First Buffer Breakdown
D. Transaction Performance Summary

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Q. 24: What does the image shown in the exhibit represent?


A. Auto Correlation
B. Service Level Agreement
C. Transaction Performance Summary
D. Transaction Response Time (distribution)

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Q. 25: Which option in the Analysis tool allows you to focus on a specific measurement within your graph?

A. Drill Down
B. Apply Filter
C. Merge Graphs
D. Auto Correlate

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Q. 26: Which Analysis graph identifies web pages that take the most time; isolates where time is spent; and helps in identifying DNS resolution, SSL, and connection issues?

A. Windows Resource
B. Network Delay Time
C. Time to First Buffer Breakdown
D. Page Download Time Breakdown

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Q. 27: You are running a test and notice that during the ramp up, the response times are beginning to drastically increase. How can you instruct LoadRunner to stop ramping up Vusers and hold the current number?

A. Press the STOP button on the Controller's main window
B. Press the PAUSE button on the Interactive Schedule graph
C. Select the option to wait for the current iteration to end before stopping
D. Select the Vusers in the Ready state from the Vusers window and click the STOP button

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Q. 28: During the run of a scenario, which LoadRunner component stores the performance monitoring data?

A. Analysis
B. Controller
C. File server
D. Load generator/host

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Q. 29: Which scenario allows LoadRunner to automatically manage the Vusers?

A. Manual
B. Session
C. Real-Life
D. Automated
E. User-Defined
F. Goal-oriented

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 30: Which scenario execution run is used to verity the load limit before more resources are required?

A. Debug
B. Full Load
C. Top Time
D. Scalability

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