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ISTQB Exam Objective Type Sample Paper-Part-6

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ISTQB Foundation Level Exam Preparation Test Paper:

6th Set of 20 Questions

Correct Answers have been Hi-lighted in Yellow. 

Q. 1: To test a function, the programmer writes a _________, which calls the function to be tested and passes the test data to it.

A. Stub
B. Driver
C. Proxy
D. None of the above

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Q. 2: One Key reason why Developers have difficulty in testing their own work is ___________.

A. Lack of Technical Documentation
B. Lack of Test Tools for the Developers
C. Lack of Training
D. Lack of Objectivity

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Q. 3: Acceptance Test Cases are based on ___________.

A. Requirements
B. Design
C. Code
D. Decision Table

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Q. 4: Consider the following statements about an Early Test Design:

A. Early test design can prevent fault multiplication
B. Faults found during early test design are more expensive to fix
C. Early test design can find faults
D. Early test design can cause changes to the requirements
E. Early test design normally takes more effort

A. A, C, D are True; B & E are False
B. C & D are True; A, B & E are False
C. A, C, D & E are True; B is False
D. A & B are True; C, D & E are False

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Q. 5: Out of the following which tools would be involved in the automation of regression test?

A. Data tester
B. Boundary tester
C. Capture / Playback
D. Output Comparator.

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The above set of Question / Answers is simply a solved paper.

While it is quite natural for anybody to lose enthusiasm especially when the curiosity gets killed by a solved paper having immediate availability of the Answer to a Brain Teasing Question.

Thus to keep the Enthusiasm Alive & offer you a live Experience of a High Voltage Examination; Click the Link Below to -

Access the Full ISTQB Sample Paper Part -6

(In the form of an International Quality Quiz being used by many leading MNCís)

Important Note:

Since it is a Practice Test; following Relaxationís are being provided as compared to the actual ISTQB Test:

1) You will get One Additional Chance to Retry / Review your choice of the Correct Answer, in case you happen to give a wrong answer. This will help you to polish your skills.

2) Just 20 Questions are being provided in one sample test, to avoid long sitting in one go. Whereas, in Actual ISTQB Test you would have come across 40 questions needing 75 minutes of sitting.

3) At the end of the Test you can take a Printout / Save the test results providing Correct as well as Incorrect Answers, for your records & retry.

Best of Luck !!!!!

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hi, i am from non-it, i did my software testing course in cegon soft, chennai.but i didn't get my i want to get the istqb certificate. can anybody suggest me how to get the istqb.

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