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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 871 to 880

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 871 to 880

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions Q. 871 to Q. 880

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 861 to Q 870 are at the end of this page:

Q. 871: Which of the following are characteristics of good testing in any life cycle model?


a. Every development activity has a corresponding test activity.

b. Testers review development documents early.

c. There are separate levels for component and system integration test.

d. Each test level has objectives specific to that level.

e. Each test level is based on the same test basis.


A. a, d and e

B. b, c and e

C. a, c and d

D. a, b and d


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Q. 872: A system requires 100% decision coverage at component testing for all modules.


The following module has been tested with a single test case.


The test case follows the path A, B, D, E, F, G.


What level of decision coverage has been achieved?


A. 100%

B. 50%

C. 75%

D. 90%


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Q. 873: Which of the following statements is GENERALLY true of testing?


a. Testing can show the presence of defects.

b. Testing reduces the probability of uncovered defects.

c. Testing can show that a previously present defect has been removed.

d. Testing can prove that software is defect free.


A. a, b and c

B. a, b and d

C. a, c and d

D. b, c and d


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Q. 874: Which one of the following characteristics of test execution tools describes best a specific characteristic of a keyword-driven test execution tool?


A. A table containing test input data, action words, and expected results controls the execution of the system under test.


B. Actions of testers will be recorded in a script that can be rerun several times.


C. Actions of testers will be recorded in a script that is then being generalized to run with several sets of test input data.


D. The ability to log test results and compare them against the expected results.


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Q. 875: Which of the following are the typical defects found by static analysis tools?


a. Variables that are never used.

b. Security vulnerabilities.

c. Poor performance.

d. Unreachable code.

e. Business processes not followed.


A. b, c and d are true; a and e are false

B. a is true; b, c, d and e are false

C. c, d and e are true; a and b are false

D. a, b and d are true; c and e are false


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Q. 876: The Following table shows 6 test procedures (P to U) that must now be entered into a test execution schedule.

Test Proce-dure ID

Business Priority
(1 High
2 Medium
3 Low)

Dependencies on other test procedures

Other dependencies




Delivery of the code for this part of system is running very late




Regression testing only



Requires S to be run first









Regression testing only






Business severity is regarded as the most important element in determining the sequence of the test procedures, but other dependencies must also be taken into consideration. Regression testing can only be run once all other tests have completed.


Which of the following represents the MOST effective sequence for the test execution schedule (where the first entry in the sequence is the first procedure to be run, the second entry is the second to be run and so on)?


A. R, Q, S, T, U, P

B. S, R, P, U, Q, T

C. Q, R, S, T, P, U

D. S, R, U, P, Q, T


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Q. 877: Which of the following activities would improve how a tool is deployed within an organization?


a. Defining best practice guidelines for users.

b. Roll out the tool across the organization as quickly as possible to all users.

c. Provide technical support to the test team for each type of tool.

d. Introduce a system to monitor tool usage and user feedback.

e. Ensure that the test process is not changed as result of the tool's introduction.


A. a, b and c.

B. a, c and d.

C. c, d and e.

D. b, d and e.


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Q. 878: Which of the following is MOST likely to be an objective of a pilot project to introduce a test tool?


A. To assess if the test tool brings benefits at reasonable cost

B. To ensure that developers will use the test tool

C. To ensure that the time spent testing and the cost of testing is reduced

D. To assess if everyone in the organisation can be trained prior to roll-out


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Q. 879: Which of the following statements describe why error guessing is a useful test design technique?


a. It can help derive test cases based on analysis of specification documents.

b. It can identify tests not easily captured by formal techniques.

c. It can make good use of tester's experience and available defect data.

d. It is a cheaper alternative to more formal test design techniques.


A. a and b

B. b and c

C. c and d

D. a and c

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Q. 880: Given the following state transition diagram:



Which of the test cases below will cover the following series of state transitions?

SS - S1 - S2 - S1 - S2 - ES


A. A, B, E, B, F

B. A, B, C, D

C. A, B, E, B, C, D

D. A, B, F

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