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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 31 to 40

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ISTQB Certification Exam-Sample Papers Q. 31 to 40

(Quickly Review Your Skills before appearing for ISTQB Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 21 to Q 30 are at the end of this page:

Q. 31: With which of the following categories is a test comparator tool USUALLY associated?

A. Tool support for performance and monitoring.
B. Tool support for static testing.
C. Tool support for test execution and logging.
D. Tool support for the management of testing and tests.

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Q. 32: Which activities form part of test planning?

i) Developing test cases.
ii) Defining the overall approach to testing.
iii) Assigning resources.
iv) Building the test environment
v) Writing test conditions.

A. i, ii & iv are true, iii & v are false.
B. ii & iii are true, i, iv & v are false.
C. iv & v are true, i, ii & iii are false.
D. i, ii & iii are true iv & v are false.

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Q. 33: Match the following terms and statements.

1.Decision Table Testing
2.Decision Testing
3.State Transition Testing
4.Exploratory Testing

W. Testing carried out w boxes to achieve specific test objectives, possibly to complement structured testing.
X. A test technique used which may be used to verify different system re depending on current conditions or previous history.
Y. A test technique which combines combinations of inputs that might not otherwise have been exercised during testing.
Z. A form of control flow testing based on decision outcomes.


A. 1Y, 2Z, 3X, 4W.
B. 1X ,2W, 3Z, 4Y.
C. 1Z, 2X, 3W, 4Y.
D. 1Z, 2Y, 3X, 4W.

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Q. 34: Which type of test design techniques does the following statement best describe a procedure to derive test cases based on the specification of a component?

A. Black Box Techniques.
B. White Box Techniques.
C. Glass Box Techniques.
D. Experience Based Techniques.

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Q. 35: For which of the following would a static analysis tool be MOST useful?

A. Supporting reviews.
B. Validating models of the software.
C. Testing code executed in a special test harness.
D. Enforcement of coding standards.

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Q. 36: Which  test  approaches  or  strategies  are  characterized  by the  descriptions  below?

S. Process-compliant  approaches
T. Heuristic  approaches
U. Consultative  approaches
V. Regression-averse  approaches

1. Includes  reuse of  existing  test  material
2. Listens  to suggestions from  technology  experts
3. Adheres  to industry-specific  standards
4. Runs test  execution  and  evaluation  concurrently

A. S4, T3, U2, V1
B. S1, T2, U3, V4
C. S2, T3, U1, V4
D. S3, T4, U2, V1

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Q. 37: What  principle is  BEST  described  when  test  designs  are  written  by a third party?

A. Exploratory  testing 
B. Independent  testing
C. Integration  testing
D. Interoperability  testing

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Q. 38: Which of the following is a benefit of test independence?

A. It does not require familiarity with the code.
B. It is cheaper than using developers to test their own code.
C. It avoids author bias in defining effective tests.
D. Testers are better at finding defects than developers.

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Q. 39: The above diagram represents the following paths through the code.
A. vwy
B. vwz
C. vxy
D. vxz

What is the MINIMUM combination of paths required to provide full statement coverage?


A. A

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Q. 40: Which of the following is MOST characteristic of specification based (black-box) techniques?

A. Test cases can be easily automated.
B. Test cases are independent of each other.
C. Test cases are derived systematically from models of the system .
D. Test cases are derived systematically from the delivered code.

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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