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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst Exam-Sample Paper-Q 181 to 190

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst & Technical Test Analyst Exam - Sample Paper: Q. 181 to 190

Deep study of this additional set of 120 questions recently uploaded shall be of great help in getting success in ISTQB CTAL Advanced Level Test Analyst & Technical Test Analyst Exam. All these questions are based upon ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level Syllabus V 2007.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 181 to 190)

Correct Answers of earlier Q. 171 to 180 are at the end of this page:

Q. 181: Assume you are testing a browser-based application that helps individuals track and manage their investment portfolios. Each user's data is stored in a central repository, and users log in to authenticate themselves prior

to accessing their portfolio information. Assume you are looking for bugs related to the accuracy of the investment performance calculations the application performs. Which of the following attacks would be most likely to find such bugs?

A. Input very long strings and SQL commands into input fields

B. Perform calculations with very small numbers, very large numbers, and zero

C. Search the system registry for user names and passwords

D. Attempt to use the application on a system with minimum memory and CPU capabilities

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Q. 182: You are testing the check-out feature of an e-commerce application. The payment screen gathers the following information: credit card number and type, credit card expiration date, card verification number (CVV), and name on credit card. A previous screen calculated the amount to be charged based on the final shopping cart contents. When the data gathered by the payment screen (at the customers browser) is processed, the following decision table determines the action to be taken on the transaction. Note that the expiration, CVV, and name must match the card number. Note also that a negative amount triggers a "bad amount" message.

You are creating a set of tests for this transaction processing. In addition to covering the decision table, you also want to ensure that both positive (amount authorized) and negative (amount not authorized) tests are run for each of the four types of credit cards accepted, American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa.

Design a set of tests to achieve this level of coverage, where each test consists of seven conditions and six expected actions. Which of the following gives the number of tests you will need?

A. 8
B. 10
C. 13
D. 14

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Q. 183: You are testing a print server whose state-bases responses to various events is shown by the following state transition diagrams

You want to design tests that cover both the state/ event[condition] combinations shown above and along with various state/event =[condition] combinations not shown above. To do so, you create a state transition table based on this diagram that shows all such combinations, one combination per row. HOW many rows does this table contain?

A. 5
B. 7
C. 12
D. 35

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Q. 184: If you arrange to have a programmer fired by spreading false rumors that he uses illegal drugs, this is primarily a violation of what element of the ISTQB ethical code?

A. Public
B. Product
C. Colleagues
D. Self

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Q. 185: Assume you are testing a maintenance release for a browser-based application that allows car dealers to order custom-configured cars from the maker.

At the dealers' sites, this application must support configurations that vary based on four factors:

# Browsers (four options)
# Operating system versions (five options)
# Connection speeds (two options)
# Security settings (ten options)

At the server side, all dealer requests come to a single, standardized configuration.

Assume that development has provided you with use cases for both normal and exception workflows. You have developed ten test procedures based on these use cases.

You want to test interoperability of the application with the various dealers' site configurations. Which of the following approaches will minimize the amount of work required to do so, while not omitting coverage of any option?

A. Define five configurations covering each option at least once and run two test procedures on each configuration

B. Define ten configurations covering each option at least once and run one test procedure on each configuration

C. Define twenty configurations using classification trees and run each test procedure twice on selected configurations

D. Define fifty configurations using pairwise test techniques and run each test procedure five times on selected configurations

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Q. 186: Which of the following is correct about test progress monitoring?

I. According to ISQTB syllabus, Product Risks, Defects, Tests, Coverage and Confidence are 5 dimensions that can be used to monitor test progress.

II. Confidence is measured via surveys and questionnaires and outcome is subjective to the person responding.

III. Various metrics are used to measure the product risks, tests and coverage.

IV. One outcome of the progress monitoring could be to relax the test exit criteria.

A. All of the above is true
B. All of the above is false
C. I, II and III true.
D. I and II true.

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Q. 187: Which of the following techniques would best support documenting all test conditions covered during exploratory testing?

A. Debriefing of testers after exploratory sessions to capture what was tested.

B. Writing down all the areas to be covered prior to running the tests

C. Using capture-playback tools to analyze and report coverage areas

D. Extracting coverage information from bug reports which were filed

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Q. 188: On a project to develop an accounting system for large business customers, the following people participate in an inspection of a module that creates end-of-year financial reports:

# The author of the code module being reviewed
# Three fellow programmers
# A marketing manager with a computer science degree
# A tester who previously worked as a programmer

During the review, the author and the tester disagree on whether a particular method of calculation is error prone. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The participants must resolve the disagreement before the meeting proceeds.

B. The author has the last word such decisions, as inspection input is only advisory.

C. The participants may note the disagreement and continue with the meeting.

D. To avoid being disruptive influences in inspections, testers should only observe, not comment.

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Q. 189: Assume that the test plan for a product you are testing contains the following two exit criteria:

Each important quality risk item for the product shall be covered by at least one test case, and all test cases derived from quality risk items for the product must be run.

No known important test failures shall exist in the product at the time of delivery; note that a test that identifies one or more bugs can be classified as passed if project management defers all of those bugs.

Consider the excerpt from the test suite summary shown below.

Relying on these figures only, which of the following statements is certainly true?

A. The percentage of failed tests is the most significant obstacle to fulfillment of these criteria.

B. The percentage of queued tests is the most significant obstacle to fulfillment of these criteria.

C. The percentage of quality risks not covered by tests is the most significant obstacle to fulfillment of these criteria.

D. Neither of these criteria is satisfied.

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Q. 190: Testing department of a software company delivered a software, which included the three new features along with the test qualification report. They also archived their test results, logs, and other test artifacts in company documentation database. Scheduled a lessons learned meeting with the software testers, project managers and software developers.

The innovative solutions testing department is describing;

A. Test analysis activities
B. Test planning activities
C. Test closure activities
D. User acceptance testing activities

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