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IBM RFT Interview Questions-Q 141 to 150

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IBM RFT Interview Questions: Q. 141 to 150

Q. 141: How to handle the problem of "ObjectNotFoundException" while inserting verification point in .Net?

This problem comes up when we create a data verification point on ErrorProvider, HelpProvider and

ToolTipText controls while recording in .Net.

It can be tackled by creating properties verification points on these controls.

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Q. 142: Why does the script playback fails sometimes while testing HTML applications?

Sometimes script playback for testing HTML application fails if the ready state of the browser object is not set to 4. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the ready state of the browser is set to 4 while playing back the script.

This can be done by manully changing the test script described in the following examples.

face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">1) Check the browser state in Java, use the following script:

logInfo("Ready State #: "+browser_htmlBrowser().getProperty(".readyState").toString());

2) Check the browser state in .Net, use the following script:

LogInfo("Ready State #: " &Browser_HtmlBrowser().GetProperty(".readyState").ToString)

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Q. 143: Which tasks can be performed by script support functions in RFT?

Script Support Functions of RFt help us to insert the code in the Scripts to perform following tasks:

1) We can calling the script from a RFT Script.

2) We can insert the Log Messages in RFT Script.

3) We can use timers with RFT Script.

4) We can set delays and sleep states for RFT Script Playback.

5) We can Insert comments in the RFT Script.

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Q. 144: How can we insert a call to a previously recorded script in our new RFT Script?

While recording or editing a RFT script, we can insert a call to a previously recorded script.

This helps us in avoiding repeated recording of similar actions on the application under test, since we can easily use the already available scripts in the new scripts.

We can use "CallScript" command for inserting the following code in the script at the cursor location:

callScript ("scriptname")

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Q. 145: How can we measure the time taken by various events in a script?

We can measure the time taken by various events in a script by inserting timers with different names into the same script.

We need to start & stop the timer to measure the time taken by a group of events.

We can use the following code for example:



Here "timername" is the name of the variable defined for the timer.

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Q. 146: What is the Script Assure Technology in RFT?

Script Assure Technology of RFT renders test scripts more resilient to changes in applications.

With script assure technology, RFT evaluates the closeness of objects which it finds and attempts to match it with something closer to it.

If the objects are close to each other, the test continues without any need of intervention by the tester. However a warning is logged so as to communicate to the tester about the happening of some problem.

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Q. 147: What are the advantages of Script Assure Technology of RFT?

Following are the advantages of Script Assure Technology of RFT.

1) Improved efficiency of testing by conducting more number of tests with reduced intervention of the testers.

2) Ability of tests to run without difficulty inspite of significant changes made to the objects in the application under test.

3) Automatic identification of the changed target objects in the application without object re-mapping.

4) Lesser script maintenance.

5) Creation of reliable & flexible scripts which remain under more control of the tester.

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Q. 148: What are the key plus features of RFT over similar tools available in the market?

1) Great ability of integrating highly useful java classes which recording and playback cannot perform just due to its operations under eclipse environment. For example database accessibility, necessary looping and switching.

2) Flexibility of complete access to object properties.

3) Highly structured control over object properties thereby providing an ability to override unwanted recognition errors and increase application's immunity to changes in the application.

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Q. 149: How do we do database testing using RFT?

We can use SQuirreL SQL an open-source tool written in Java to satisfy your database testing needs. It perfectly integrates with RFT's record and playback automation capabilities.

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Q. 150: What are the best practices of automation in application scripting using SQuirreL SQL?

1) Making the scripts as generic methods, so that they can pass in many parameters like SQL query strings and can dynamically verify the result set.

2) Creation of custom Super Helper Classes and puting these generic methods in them. This will permit us to simply call the necessary method from the test scripts. For example - making a query on a table

3) Alternatively we can keep these as scripts. We can still make them generic and these can be called from shell scripts. For example - accepting different parameters

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