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HP Vugen 11X Certification Exam Skill Test Q 91 to 100

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HP Vugen 11.X Certification Exam Skill Test Q. 91 to 100

Newly Added Set of Questions helpful in HP Virtual Users Generator 11.x Certification Exam code HPO M49

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP VuGen 11.X under the Series

(Quickly Review Your VuGen Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HPO M49)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 81 to Q 90 are at the end of the page:

Q. 91; What happens when you set the animated run delay to 5,000 milliseconds?  

A. When replaying the script, the Run-time Viewer pauses for 5 seconds when an error has occurred.
B. When replaying the

script, the Replay Log only displays the last 5 seconds of logging information.
C. When the script is replayed, the Run-time Viewer displays 5 seconds behind the current line being executed.
D. When replaying the script, a line executes and then pauses for 5 seconds, executes the next line of code and pauses for 5 seconds, and continues with this pattern.

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Q. 92; Which function should you use to send a message to the log file, Replay Log, and Controller Output window? 

A. lr_set_debug_level
B. lr_error_message
C. lr_log_message
D. lr_vuser_status_message

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Q. 93; Which parameter type will always have the value of None when replayed in VuGen? 

A. Group Name
B. Iteration Number
C. Random Number
D. Vuser ID

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Q. 94; After finishing editing a previously recorded script, you push the Play button. Which log contains the actions and errors of the Vuser as it runs? 

A. Recording Log
B. Generation Log
C. Replay Log
D. Current log that is playing

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Q. 95; Which view allows you to edit a script by adding text-based enhancement, Vuser API or control flow statements? 

A. Script view
B. Tree view
C. Snapshot view
D. Tasks view

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Q. 96; Which feature allows you to visually check a script's capability to effectively download a graphical resource (such as an image in png format) inside a Web page? 

A. Snapshot view
B. Script view
C. Correlation Studio
D. Bookmarks

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Q. 97; Which view allows an in-depth analysis of HTTP request and response headers? 

A. Script view
B. Snapshot view
C. HTTP view under Tree view
D. Test results view

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Q. 98; Your script will iterate three times using a parameter table/file with the following values: {Kim; David; Michael; Jane; Ron; Alice; Ken; Julie; Fred}.  

If you specify "Update on Each iteration" with Unique method, what will the second Vuser in your test run use? 

A. Kim, David and Michael
B. Ken, Julie, and Fred
C. Jane, Ron, and Alice
D. David, Michael and Jane

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Q. 99; Your business process is composed of five sequential, logical steps: 

1. Login
2. customer search
3. customer selection
4. customer update
5. logoff 

You want to be able to measure end-to-end response times for each logical step. To accomplish this, what will you set them as?  

A. Distinct functions
B. Distinct transactions
C. Separate actions
D. Distinct Vuser scripts

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Q. 100; What do transaction times measure? 

A. Transmission and response time between client and server
B. Time spent only on client
C. Network time only
D. Database time only

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Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q.81 to Q 90 are as under:

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Q. 90



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