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HP Vugen 11X Certification Exam Skill Test Q 71 to 80

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HP Vugen 11.X Certification Exam Skill Test Q. 71 to 80

Newly Added Set of Questions helpful in HP Virtual Users Generator 11.x Certification Exam code HPO M49

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on HP VuGen 11.X under the Series

(Quickly Review Your VuGen Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HPO M49)

Set of 10 Questions

Correct Answers to Earlier Questions - Q. 61 to Q 70 are at the end of the page:

Q. 71; When choosing between HTML-based and URL-based recording modes for Web protocol, robustness and maintainability of the recorded script should be considered. What would cause the replay failure of a script recorded in HTML mode? 


A change in the links URL
B. A missing image in the page, if not linked
C. A change in the links text
D. An extra resource in the page

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Q. 72; What is the purpose of the "Close all AUT processes when recording stops" option? 

A. It closes all windows of the application at end of recording.
B. It closes all AUT windows opened during the recording session at end of recording.
C. It closes all open windows at end of recording.
D. It closes the last window opened during recording. a resource in the page

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Q. 73; A customer informs you that an application to be tested is Acid2 compliant. Which protocol should be used to test this application? 

A. Silverlight
E. TruClient
F. Click-n-Script

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Q. 74; A customer uses Adobe BlazeDS Server for their web browser to server communications with a Flash Client. Which protocol should be used in VuGen to test this application?  

B. Click-n-Script
D. TruClient

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Q. 75; What is the purpose of capturing think times?  

A. It simulates the keyboard entry time of an end user on a system.
B. It is necessary to make VuGen pause long enough to capture the server responses.
C. It prevents excessive CPU consumption for virtual users on the load generators.
D. It is necessary to make VuGen pause to reduce the amount of data required during testing.

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Q. 76; In HTML-based and URL-based recording modes, user steps are recorded at different layers. They differ in the layer where the user steps are recorded. Why is the HTML recording name also named as "context sensitive"? 

A. Because every UI object is recognized in the context of the page/window to which it belongs
B. Because the browser cache stores a copy of the page, in the context of which user actions are performed
C. Because the playback engine cache stores a copy of the page, in the context of which user actions are performed
D. Because context sensitive help suggestions are available in HTML mode only

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Q. 77; Which VuGen function allows you to define a point to halt script execution for debugging purposes? 

A. Breakpoints
B. Bookmarks
C. lr_end_transaction function
D. Run step by step

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Q. 78; When should you develop a multi-protocol script?  

A. When the script uses HTTP and HTTPS in the same business process
B. When you want to save resources on the Load Generator
C. When the business process uses different sets of APIs
D. When you require better maintenance of the script

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Q. 79; Which tool should you use to identify the protocol to use? 

A. Protocol Analyzer
B. Protocol Advisor
C. HP Diagnostics Probe
D. HP WebInspect

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Q. 80; Which statement is true about script levels in TruClient? 

A. VuGen moves steps that it deems unnecessary during replay, to a lower level.
B. Levels are newly-introduced, nested programming features.
C. Asynchronous calls are placed in levels for better identification.
D. Levels are organization features that have no influence.

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