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HP LoadRunner Vugen Questions Bank-Q 41 to 50

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HP LoadRunner VuGen Questions Bank: Q. 41 to 50

Learn "VuGen" Module of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 41: What is the purpose of Rendezvous Points in LoadRunner?

While doing the load testing of our system, we need to emulate heavy user load on the system. For simultaneous application of a particular amount of load, we synchronize Vusers to perform a particular task exactly at the same moment. Thus the point at which all the Vusers act simultaneously is called Rendezvous Point

In Vuser script we mark the meeting place for all Vusers by inserting a rendezvous in it. When some Vuser arrives at the rendezvous point, it waits until all the remaining Vusers participating in the rendezvous arrive. When the designated number of Vusers arrive at the rendezvous point, the Vusers are released from the rendezvous for performing the next task in the script.

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Q. 42:The Rendezvous points are operative in how many sections of Vuser scripts?

Rendezvous points are effective only in the Action section of Vuser scripts. They are not effective in either the init section or the end section of the Vuser scripts.

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Q. 43: How many types of functions can be added to the Vuser scripts to retrieve Vuser information?

We can add following functions to our Vuser scripts:

1) lr_get_attrib_string: For returning a command line parameter string.

2) lr_get_host_name: For returning the name of the machine running the Vuser script.

3) lr_get_master_host_name: For returning the name of the machine running the Controller.

4) lr_whoami : For returning the name of a Vuser executing the script.

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Q. 44: What are the mechanisms available for Vuser to handle the errors during script execution?

By default, when a Vuser detects an error, the Vuser stops executing the script. We can instruct a Vuser to continue with the next iteration when an error occurs using one of the following methods:

1) By run-time settings method: We can specify the Continue on Error run-time setting. The Continue on Error run-time setting applies to the entire Vuser script. We can use the lr_continue_on_error function to override the Continue on Error run-time setting for a portion of a script.

2) By lr_continue_on_error function: This function enables us to control error handling for a specific segment of a Vuser script. To mark the segment, enclose it with lr_continue_on_error(1);and lr_continue_on_error(0); statements. The new error settings apply to the enclosed Vuser script segment.

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Q. 45: What is think time?

The time for which a user waits between performing successive actions is known as the think time.

Vusers use the lr_think_time function to emulate user think time. When we record a Vuser script, VuGen records the actual think times and inserts appropriate lr_think_time statements into the Vuser script.

We can edit the recorded lr_think_time statements, and manually add more lr_think_time statements to a Vuser script.

While recording Java Vuser scripts, lr_think_time statements are not generated in the Vuser script.

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Q. 46: What functions we use to read the command line arguments & to pass the values to a Vuser script?

We use following three functions for reading the command line arguments, and then to pass the values to a Vuser script:

1) lr_get_attrib_double: For retrieving double precision floating point type arguments.

2) lr_get_attrib_long: For retrieving long integer type arguments.

3) lr_get_attrib_string: For retrieving character strings.

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Q. 47: Why do we use VuGen Parameters?

When we record a business process, VuGen generates a Vuser script composed of functions. The values of the arguments in the functions are the actual values used during the recording session.

For example, when we recorded a Vuser script while operating a web application. VuGen had generated a statement which searches a library’s database for the title say "ABC". Now when we replay the script using multiple Vusers and iterations, we would not want to repeatedly use the same value "ABC". Instead, we would replace the constant value with a parameter:

The resulting Vusers then substitute the parameter with values from a data source that we specify. The data source can be either a file, or internally generated variables.

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Q. 48: What are the actions involved in parameterizing a Vuser script?

Parameterization of Vuser script involves the following two tasks:

1) Replacing the constant values in the Vuser script with parameters.

2) Setting the properties and data source for the parameters.

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Q. 49: What are the advantages of parameterizing Vuser scripts?

Parameterizing a Vuser script has two advantages:

1) It reduces the size of the script.

2) It provides the ability to test the script with different values.

For example, if we want to search a library’s database for several titles, we only need to write the submit function once. Instead of instructing our Vuser to search for a specific item, use a parameter. During replay, VuGen substitutes different values for the parameter.

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Q. 50: What are the limitations associated with parametrization of Vuser scripts?

Few limitations of parametrization of Vuser scripts are:

1) We can use parameterization only for the arguments within a function.

2) We cannot parameterize text strings which are not function arguments.

3) We can not parameterize all the function arguments.

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