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HP LoadRunner Basics Questions-Q 41 to 50

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HP LoadRunner Basics Questions: Q. 41 to 50

Learn Basic Introduction & preliminaries of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 41: Waht are the various types of goals in a goal oriented scenario in LoadRunner?

Load Runner provides five different types of goals in a goal oriented scenario:

1) The number of concurrent Vusers

2) The number of hits per second

3) The number of transactions per second

4) The number of pages per minute

5) The transaction response time that you want your scenario

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Helvetica, sans-serif">Q. 42: Where do we set automatic correlation options in LoadRunner?

Automatic correlation from web point of view, can be set in recording options and correlation tab. Here we can enable correlation for the entire script and choose either issue online messages or offline actions, where we can define rules for that correlation.

Automatic correlation for database, can be done using show output window and scan for correlation and picking the correlate query tab and choose which query value we want to correlate. If we know the specific value to be correlated, we just do create correlation for the value and specify how the value to be created.

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Q. 43: How can we capture dynamic values in the web vuser script in LoadRunner?

Web_reg_save_param function saves dynamic data information to a parameter.

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Q. 44: How do we use the recording mode for web Vuser script in LoadRunner?

We use VuGen to develop a Vuser script by recording a user performing typical business processes on a client application. VuGen creates the script by recording the activity between the client and the server.

For example, in web based applications, VuGen monitors the client end of the database and traces all the requests sent to, and received from, the database server. We use VuGen to: Monitor the communication between the application and the server; Generate the required function calls; and Insert the generated function calls into a Vuser script.

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Q. 45: What is the use of parameters in LoadRunner?

Parameters are like script variables. These are used to vary input to the server and to emulate real users.

Different sets of data are sent to the server each time the script is run. It is better to simulate the usage model for more accurate testing from the Controller where one script can emulate many different users on the system.

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Q. 46: For load testing, what you should know in addition to the knowldege of LoadRunner tool?

1) Management aspects of Load Testing especially the Planning.

2) Requirements gathering, Profile/Mix, SLA, Acceptance Criteria....

3) Broad understanding of the protocol we need to work with.

4) Basic knowledge of C programming.

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Q. 47: How many users can we emulate with Load-Runner on a PC?

There is no limit. However it depends on system response. That too inturn depends on various factors like entire system configuration etc.

If system comes across bottle necks during the begining or with minimum no of Vusers, no further addition of vusers should be considered unless & until the previously observed bottleneck are adequately resolved.

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Q. 48: How can we find out memory leak using Load Runner?

Setup the scenario with Available Bytes and Committed Bytes as one of the counters to monitor. Run the load test as per the norms. Observe the pattern of memory usage on the designated server with the ramp up of Vusers and see if they correlate.

When the memory usage goes to its peak, exit the Vusers gradually. If there wasn't any leakage, the Available Bytes should increase and Committed Bytes should decrease in correlation with the existing Vusers. If it doesn't happen, means that the memory usage had been very high, and the Vusers have successfully exited. It may indicate the memory leak had existed in the application and this aspect would need to be resolved at the code-level.

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Q. 49: How can we record a command prompt operation in LoadRunner?

We can't record a command prompt operation in LoadRunner. Because LR works on a environment where Client and server talks with each other. It records only the communication of Client to Server and verifies the reply from Server.

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Q. 50 :How can we run QTP scripts in LoadRunner?

1) Install QTP and Loadrunner in same machines.

2) Open the QTP script.

3) .Open Vugen and click on record then all provide all required information in all fields then click "OK" Button.

4) Click F5 or Replay in QTP script.

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