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What Successful Testers say about the Quality of this Website
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software testing genius

What Successful Testers say about the Quality of this Website

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What Successful Testers say about the Quality of this Website

We are sharing following inspiring thoughts from many tester friends who got great success in their career by preparing from the quality stuff posted on SoftwareTestingGenius 

Most Recent Comment

Comments from Tester Friends who got ISTQB Certifications:

53) Mr. Dhrubojit Goswami - Test Analyst shared on 10th Nov 13:
I have cleared ISTQB-CTFL with

80%, I would like to thank Software Testing Genius for the Quality material provided. I am really impressed by the Quality of Questions.

For all those preparing ISTQB, My frank suggestion is Go through the syllabus and practice all questions from Software Testing Genius. The Questions from the Software Testing Genius should not be mistaken for  "Dumps ", to be mugged up,rather I would say these are set of Quality material or practice questions which covers breadth and depth of ISTQB Syllabus. There is no chance that you practice yourself from these question and not get passed in ISTQB as all the questions are handpicked,unique & comprehensive. Thanks, D. Goswami
E-mail ID of Mr. Dhrubojit Goswami : 

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52) Mr. Mallikarjun - Test Analyst shared on 1st Nov 13:
I have successfully cleared ISTQB CTFL exam by preparing the articles and sample question papers thoroughly. Especially the question bank really helped me a lot.

Thank you Softwaretestinggenius. Keep it up.

E-mail ID of Mr. Mallikarjun: 

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51) Mr. Selva- QA Analyst shared on 19th Oct 13:

I cleared my ISTQB-ISEB-CTFL with 97.5%. This Question Bank posted on is Awesome and helped me a lot.

Thank you very much Team.

E-mail ID of Mr Selva: 

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50) Ms. Sudha Rani said on 9th Oct 2013:
Thanks to the softwaretesstinggenius. Today I cleared my ISTQB foundation level exam with 82%. This site helped me a lot but also u have to study ISTQB syllabus also. Most of the questions and answers are tricky, difficult to understand what exactly they are asking, and answers looks like more than one correct answer (I know the will be only one correct answer). Anyway all the best whoever attending to exam.


E-mail ID of Ms. Sudha Rani: 

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49) Mr. Rahul Chopra said on 18th Sept 2013:
Dear Sir; I want to say thank you to your site for providing a very good study matter for ISTQB foundation level exam. By reading this material I have cleared ISTQB foundation level certification and without going to any training center...thank you very much.... Regards, Rahul.

E-mail ID of Mr. Rahul Chopra: 

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From Tester Friends who Cleared HP QTP (UFT 11.x) Certification Exam Code HPO M47:

1) Ms. Rumki Bhattacharya said on 26th August 2013:

Thank you so much for your help. I have passed HPO-M47 Qtp certification on Aug 17th 2013. The free study material at  "Software Testing Genius" are really helpful. Best Regards, Rimi

E-mail ID of Ms. Rumki Bhattacharya: 

Comments from Tester Friends who got ISTQB Certifications:

48) Ms. Prachi C Desai said on 8th July 2013:
Hi !!! Many Many Thanks to you & your team of software testing genius, Yesterday I have passed the CTFL exam and could answer 35 questions correctly in my first attempt. Three times I practiced all 1050 questions posted on & from crash course questions also.

Now I am trying to get ready for CTAL - Test Manager exam in August. Could you provide me links to sample papers. Thanks once more.

E-mail ID of Ms. Prachi C Desai: 

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From Tester Friends who got IBM RFT-Rational Functional Tester Certification:

1) Mr. Ashish Parashar said on 27th June 2013:
Hi Yogindernath,
Yesterday I appeared the RFT certification and passed the examination with 94%. All credit goes to the best study material and q/a you provided.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!  Regards, Ashish Parashar

E-mail ID of Mr. Ashish Parashar: 

Comments from Tester Friends who got ISTQB Certifications:

47) Mr. Ashwini Mhatre said on 29th May 2013:
Billion Thanks for you guys, good work.... I Passed my ISTQB foundation level exam with 75%... Your study material and unique set of more than 1000 questions helped me a lot.... I solved only around 300 questions and cleared my exam.... Many Thanks to you......

E-mail ID of Mr. Ashwini Mhatre: 

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46) Ms. Megha Nagare said on 17th May 2013:

Thanks for posting such good stuff on software testing. I passed my ISTQB foundation level exam with 82.5%.I regularly solved the question bank posted on your website "New Bonanza for Aspirants..........." Thanks a lot

E-mail ID of Ms Megha Nagare: 

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45) Mr. Nandan Darpineni said on 19th April 2013:
Hi Sir !!!! I cleared my exam with good percentage and your wesite was really very useful. I am very thankful that I found your website Software Testing Genius as soon as I googled for ISTQB certification preparation.

I am working as Software developer on Core Java platform. I wanted to change my domain to testing and I decided to do this certification. I prepared on my own from the book written by Dorothy Graham and other authors. I have gone thru all 935 questions in you website and it was very very helpful in clearing the exam.

I would suggest even my friends who are aspiring to clear the exam to go thru your website,since its very useful as a mock. Its really a great work done by you sir.Thank you.

E-mail ID of Mr. Nandan Darpineni: 

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44) Ms. Amrutha Chintala, Ohio - USA based Testing Engineer said on 18th March 2013:

Hi Yogindernath, Thank you! I Google a lot  for materials for CTFL on the internet. I found your website very interesting. I prepared for CTFL only from your website. Questions I found in exam is almost same as in your Database. Anyone can clear the exam by going through your material and papers.

I cleared my CTFL exam on 14th march 2013.
I am impressed by your website and wanna to do QTP, LR, QC and CTAL(Technical Test Analyst) certifications.

I live in Ohio, US. I request you to please send materials or dumps or any papers of QTP, QC, LR, CTAL(Technical Test Analyst).
I really appreciate you and your team as you are doing great job by consolidating all the materials in one place. Please let me know if I can help you. All the best! With warm regards

E-mail ID of Ms. Amrutha Chintala: 

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43) Rakesh Kumar Varma - Sr. Test Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services, India shared on 28th Feb 13 - Who cracked the ISTQB CTFL Exam in just 5 days:

I have just returned from the test site after clearing the ISTQB Foundation level exam. Thanks a ton for making all the study materials available. There were lot many questions exactly from your collection of 950 questions. I have to say that I owe a lot to software Testing Genius for this. Thanks & Regards

E-mail ID of Rakesh Kumar Varma: 

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42) Snehadeep Singh Chouhan said
on 21st Feb 2013:

Dear Team; My name is snehadeep singh chouhan and i am student of MCA. i want to say thank you to you for provide a very good study matter for ISTQB foundation level exam by reading this material i have cleared istqb foundation level certification and without going to any training center...thank you so much...

Now my name is in ISTQB certified testers list you can search it by entering Snehadeep Singh Chauhan

E-mail ID of Snehadeep Singh Chouhan: 

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41) Pankaj Kumar - Systems Engineer at TCS said on 5th Feb 2013:
Thanks a lot. Your site is very good for all testing related need. I cleared ISTQB CTFL in single attempt.

E-mail ID of Pankaj Kumar: 

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40) Ankur Agarwal said on 20th Jan 2013:
Excellent site for all testing information. I went through the step by step procedure as mentioned in your site for clearing ISTQB exams and believe me if you are doing it religiously u will not need anything else.

I cleared my ISTQB CTFL in single attempt.

E-mail ID of Ankur Agarwal: 

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39) Siddharth Iyer said on 26th Dec 2012:
Hello, I did go-through all the questions for ISTQB Foundation Level exam at this site for a week and successfully cleared the exam. Now I am planning to go for HP ALM 11.X exam. Could you please help me with the dumps for the same? Regards. Siddharth.

E-mail ID of Siddharth Iyer: 

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38) Rohit Agrawal said on 17th Dec 2012:
Thanks STG for valuable set of questions for ISTQB foundation level. It helped me a lot to pass the exam..thanks again..!

E-mail ID of Rohit Agrawal:

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37) Akash Sen said on 16th Dec 2012:

Thank you to softwaretestinggenius. Today I cleared my ISTQB exam with 70%. Thanks for the materials and questions...

E-mail ID of Akash Sen: 

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36) Sue Ram said on 12th Dec 2012:
Hi, thank you for the CTFL question bank. I cleared it with flying colors, all thanks to your site!
I am now looking to take the CTAL-TA exam but see that the syllabus has changed as per ISQTB. So was wondering if the Question bank that you have posted at your below site also reflects the changes.
Thanks so much!

E-mail ID of Sue Ram: 

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35) Rakesh said on 10th Nov 2012:
Today I have cleared CTFL exam with 85%.Thank you STG team for providing excellent material. Keep rocking

E-mail ID of Rakesh:

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34) Raghvendra said on 2nd Nov 2012:

Hi Software testing genius team, I have cleared the ISTQB foundation exam with help of your website. Really gladful to that and now I am preparing for ISTQB Advance (Test analyst level) can please send some materials to crack this level I need you help. 

E-mail ID of Raghvendra: 

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33) Mukund Murali said on 20th Oct 2012:
Hi Yogi, Just wanted to say one BIG THANKS to software testing genius TEAM for providing wonderful material which helped me in clearing the ISTQB foundation level exam . And I can proudly say I cleared ISTQB because of the materials provided by software testing Genius . Just wanted to give some more material which I feel will be helpful for the testers to clear the exam .

750(question from software testing genius) + only syllabus will easily help to clear the foundation exam .

Just three days of complete study will be enough to clear.

I am planning to write ISTQB advance level test analyst exam by December. . Could you please provide me some more questions for test analyst exam which you feel which is very important to clear the exam . Thanks Mukund 

E-mail ID of Mukund Murali: 

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32) Zengyueran said on 15th Oct 2012:

I just pass my ISTQB Foundation certification exam. My Overall Score: 92%. Thanks a lot for the helpful information provided on your website. Really useful. Appreciated!!

E-mail ID of Zengyueran: 

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31) Susovan Dutta said on 6th Oct 2012:

Hi Yogindernath, I am a MCA 2012 passout and have joined Accenture 5 month back as a freshers. Randomly I was given Testing domain and since then I am following this website. This is the best website for Tester.I have passed my training evaluation exam using this website.I am glad to say that I have passed ISTQB CTFL using this website few days back. Since I am working on RFT and RMT I was asked to do these certifications.Now I got RFT material from this site but unable to find RMT material. If you can find some dumps and upload it in your website in near future it would be very helpful to me. Thanks and Regards

E-mail ID of Susovan Dutta:

30) Vikram Chopra said on 5th Oct 2012:
Hello Yogindernath, This is to inform you that I have cleared my "ISTQB Foundation Level" certification and I got lot of help from you like your articles, old sample papers which you shared and so on.

I wish that you will keep helping me in the same manner.... Thank you once again for your support....good luck Vikram

E-mail ID of Virkam Chopra: 

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29) Sunitha Akula said on 24th Sept 2012:

Thank you SO much for the incredible help that you have provided on your website. There is so much information and I have yet to go through ALL of it. Your CTFL foundation syllabus and 750 questions database helped me get through my CTFL. Thank you once again for all this support that you are providing us - the general public.

Regards, Sunitha

E-mail ID of Sunitha Akula:

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28) Ivan said on 18th Sept 2012:

Thank you for the great material! Passed ISTQB FL exam using your crash course for preparation and of course ISTQB FL exam syllabus.

E-mail ID of Ivan:

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27) Jitendra Harnoor said on 12th Sept 2012:

Hello Yoginder; This is Jitendra. I have recently taken the ISTQB exam foundation level and cleared it with 75 %. All the thanks goes to your material provided. Thank you very much for the material once again.Hope it helps me in further certifications as well. Thanking you. Sincere Regards

E-mail ID of Jitendra Harnoor: 

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26) Jonathan Mirinda said on 6th Sept 2012:

Hi Yogindernath, Thank you very much for the learning materials for the ISTQB Foundation exam. It helped complete my knowledge on the basics of software testing, I managed to score 33 out of 40. Thanks Jonathan

E-mail ID of Jonathan Mirinda:

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25) Suraj Kumar said on 13 Aug 2012:

Hope you are doing well.I just wanted to convey this good news to you .I have cleared ISTQB Certification Foundation Level with 82% and I would surely give complete credit to the material that you have in were so helpful and effective and helped me get the basics right.Thanks a lot again.It's really helpful. Regards, Suraj

E-mail ID of Suraj Kumar: 

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24) Anurag Singh said on 28 July 2012:

Thank you very much for your ISTQB foundation level self study material. because of this material i pass istqb foundation exam with 75%.

E-mail ID of Anurag Singh:

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23) Ravi Shankar Rai said on 17 July 2012:

Hello, I had gone through all the questions for ISTQB Foundation Level exam at this site for a week and successfully cleared the exam.

Now I am planning to go for HP ALM 11.X exam. The question bank for HP ALM 11.X Certification Exam is very helpful. Best Regards, - Ravishankar Rai

E-mail ID of Ravi Shankar:

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22) Marina said on 21 May 2012:

I just cleared my ISTQB foundation level with score of 35/40! I am extremely happy with my score. I had solved all the 750 questions twice.....very informative site.....and accurate too.

Wondering which ceritification to crack next!

E-mail ID of Marina:

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21) Siva Kandulapati said on 12 April 2012:

With the help of your PPTs and ebooks and study materials I have succeeded in ISTQB CFTL exam.
Please help me out with QTP certification by providing Study materials and PPTs. Thank you so much

E-mail ID of Siva Kandulapati: 

20) Madhunika said on 2 April 2012:

Thanks a lot for your timely response.I am a frequent visitor of your site .I recently cleared my ISTQB foundation course .My main source of help was your Database of questions.Will go thro these links of HP ALM 11.0 certification exam and will surely reply to you. Best Regards, Madhunika

E-mail ID of Madhunika: 

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19) Aparna said on 27 March 2012:

I have successfully completed my ISTQB Foundation level exam. Thanks a lot for all the material. I am intending to write the exam for HP Quality Center. Do you have any sample papers or materials for the same ? Regards. Aparna

E-mail ID of Aparna: 

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18) Sunder Pandian said on 21 Feb 2012:

I cleared ISTQB foundation level. With the help of crash course (30 Parts)

For ISTQB Advance Level - Foundation Tester I am not able to see materials. Please let me know is materials available for ISTQB - Advanced level. Best Regards, Sunder

E-mail ID of Sunder Pandian: 

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17) Arpita said on 16th Jan 2012:

Hello Sir, Its a wonderful site and I referred this site for ISTQB certification and I passed. And now I am going to refer this for QTP certification.

Could you please send me a copy of Books & MS PowerPoint Presentations related to QTP Certification Exams. It would be really helpful for us to clear the certification. Thanks a lot in advance.

E-mail ID of Arpita: 

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16) Shubha said on 9th Jan 2012:

Thanks !!! Your site is really very helpful. Because of your site, I have cleared ISTQB foundation level. I have already updated the same in your site.

But really your site provides lot of info. Keep up the work. I am referring your site for any of my queries. Regards, Shubha

E-mail ID of Shubha: 

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Sandeep Virk said on 2nd Jan 2012:

I cracked the ISTQB CTAL- TM exam last week with my self preparation...hurreyyy :).

Thanks a lot for all the information and direction you shared all along via Software testing Genius. Keep up the good word mate ! Regards, Sandeep

E-mail ID of Sandeep Virk: 

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

14) Ligey Thomas said on 31st Oct 11:

I have cleared my ISTQB Foundation certification; thanks to what I have learnt here at Software Testing Genius...thank you so much for all the content!!! Great site!

E-mail ID of Ligey Thomas: 

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

13) Rohit Kulkarni said on 20th Oct 11:

Thanks a lot Yogindernath for awesome study materials for CTAL-TM exam. its all because of you, I have passed my CTAL-TM exam with 71%. keep up the good work :)

E-mail ID of Rohit: 

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

12) Mayungk Kapur said on 16th Oct 11:

I would like to thank you and your team in putting such a brilliant testing content on your website SoftwareTestingGenius.I was busy with work and could hardly get time to go through the study material for ISTQB Foundation level certification , but practiced a lot questions ( more than 400 ) out of 750 to get a feel of the complexity of certification and I managed to clear it :). Thanks once again.

Looking forward to preparing more certifications from your website ( properly going through study material this time ) and clearing them.

E-mail ID of Mayungkt: 

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

11) Rohit Kulkarni said on 26th Sept 11:

Thanks a lot! I am really happy with all these study materials. I had used this website for CTFL exam and passed with flying colors. Using all these study materials now for the CTAL TM exam. hope to clear it soon. Thanks again!

E-mail ID of Rohit: 

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10) Aparna said on 24th Aug 11:

I have successfully completed my ISTQB Foundation level exam. Thanks a lot for all the material.

I am intending to write the exam for HP Quality Center. Do you have any sample papers or materials for the same ? Regards. Aparna

E-mail ID of Aparna 

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9) Ramoji said on 19th Aug 11:

Thanks for providing the materials. Very useful for me. Cleared ISTQB.

E-mail ID of Ramoji 

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8) Rupali Saxena said on 4th Aug 11:

Hi, I cleared ISTQB foundation level exam yesterday with a whopping 88% !! Many thanks to your website SoftwareTestingGenius...i took the certification quiz and few qns were from your quiz which helped me a lot!! :)

E-mail ID of Rupali Saxena 

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7) Alan Rickman LourdesMohana said on 2nd Aug 11:

Thanks to your contribution and sources in the software testing genius, I have managed to pass the CTFL exam in July 15 with 34 questions answered correctly in a single sitting.

I am trying to arrange for CTAL - Test Management in December.Could you provide me links to sample paper.

Thanking you in advance.

E-mail ID of Alan Rickman Lourdes 

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6) Mohana AK said on 19th July 11:

As mentioned in my previous mail, I would like to thank you for providing me a very nice study materials without which I would not have been able to get through in ISTQB examination.
I have received my ISTQB Foundation Level Exam results today and scored 75%.
Now, I would like to take ISTQB Exam for Test Analyst Certification and need your guidence. Regards, Mohana A.K

E-mail ID of Mohana AK 

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5) Deepa Goel said on 14th July 11:

I have cleared my ISTQB exam.. Your site helped me alot. I will definatlely tell about your site to many others  aspiring for these testing certification.
Thanks alot.

E-mail ID of Deepa Goel 

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Sriganesh Venugopal said on 15th May 11:

The material was very good and I have cleared the ISTQB foundation exam. Thanks for promptly sending the material across to me.  I have one more request. Can you please pass on the ISTQB advanced level exam material for Test Analyst? Thanks in advance,

E-mail ID of Sriganesh Venugopal 

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3) K Balaji - Associate Test Analyst at Rave Tech said on 10th May 11:

By using the site SoftwareTestingGenius I cleared the ISTQB certification exam with 88%. Thanks for your effort in making the testing concepts in such an easy manner.
Now I want to give QTP certification exam, if you provide the study material for that it will be of great help for me. Kindly do the needful. Thanks in Advance.

E-mail ID of K Balaji

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2) Zeno Marin - A Testing Engineer / QA Analyst said on 9th May 11:

An excellent site SoftwareTestingGenius that helps anyone interested in quality information about testing! In my case, thanks to the generously shared examination samples, it proved extremely helpful in preparation for the ISTQB certification. I passed it several months ago and must say I owe this site a great deal. Subscribing to the newsletter is another thing I warmly recommend, as it provides good information and well written articles, interesting for beginner and expert test professionals alike. Many thanks all!

E-mail ID of Zeno Marin 

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1) Mr. Vali Nittur - Ex MIS Software QA Analyst at Amedisys, Inc 5959 South Sherwood Forest Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA said on 17 Feb 11:

"I took the ISTQB Exam yesterday and I passed the test. Thank you very much for providing the material along with PPT and previous test questions. Those really helped me a lot. I didn’t read any material except these . I had gone through twice all the previous exam questions. In the real test all the questions except few general questions had been from these study areas only. Once again Thank you for providing these materials to me. Your site SoftwareTestingGenius is really a valuable resource for ISTQB Certification Exams."

E-mail ID of Mr. Vali 

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Comments from Tester Friends who got job shift to prestigious companies:

1) Satish - Testing Engineer at Infosys Technologies Ltd. Hyderabad, India, said on 4th April 11:

"I am an avid follower of SoftwareTestingGenius and would be glad to share with you that following your site, helped me get a job in infosys. :)"

E-mail ID of Mr. Satish 

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Comments from Tester Friends from Linkedin community about usefulness of our site for ISTQB Certifications: 

Directly Read the Comments on Linkedin Page 

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Comments from Tester Friends who got HP LoadRunner Certification:

1) Suresh Suri– A Testing Engineer said on 05 May 11:

This Website is just awesome. I cleared HP load runner certifications very easily by using the questions posted on this site. Thanks so much.

I am planning to write CSQA, CSTE. Could you please send me any material for these. Thanks in advance.

E-mail ID of Suresh Suri

Largest Database of Sample Papers - 1000+ Unique Questions for ISTQB Foundation Exam

ISTQB Foundation Exam - Full Crash Course for Download

ISTQB Advanced CTAL Test Analysts Exam - Full Crash Course for Download

ISTQB Advanced CTAL Test Manager Exam - Full Crash Course for Download

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