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Actions for Getting Good Efficiency out of our Software Testing Effort

The universe of software testing is multidimensional. It changes its composition and look constantly, depending on the circumstances. It is like looking into a kaleidoscope on a richly faceted picture.

Being a successful software-testing practitioner is not easy. One can’t be an expert on testing just by reading its theory alone. Getting certifications in software testing may be of foundational level or advanced is not a cakewalk.

One has to be prepared to do the following essential activities:

1) Listening to the experiences and opinions of other software testing professionals.

2) Reading as many numbers of books on software testing as one can manage.

3) Thinking about what we have heard and seen and compare it to our own experiences: what have I seen, what was similar and what was different, and how and why and with what effect.

4) Applying what we learn in our daily work as much as possible.

5) Discussing what we hear, read, think, experience, and write with our colleagues and our boss; maybe we can try to get a mentor.

6) Writing the things down. When we put pen to paper, things take another form in our brain, so when we have read and talked about a topic, write down what it means to us and how we may apply it. We need to use drawings, tables, and lists to get an overview. Just make it simple. We don’t have to write a thesis.
In doing all this in any mixture, the theory we get from different literature will be transformed into active knowledge and practice: we will become a truly advanced and, it is hoped, also a professional software testing engineer.

There are a many lists of things that we will have to learn by heart. It is wonderful concept: Learn by heart! We don’t have to memorize things; just see if it is possible for us to remember them. We should do it because the things we have to memorize are the very cornerstones of our profession: those things that should be closest to our professional heart.
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As software testing engineer or a test manager, one of our problems is that developers keep on changing the product. They introduce new bugs in what used to work. We remain responsible for finding those bugs. To do that, we re-execute the tests we have already run. The number of bugs detected per test generally remains low. We need a way to keep the cost & the human effort correspondingly low. Only then we can escape the catchy trap of wasting plenty of time executing the same old tests just because we don’t have enough time to write new ones. There comes the test automation to our rescue.

In this situation an intelligent software-testing manager prefers to invest in a testing tool that would possibly take away the problem. Here we simply create the test once and allow the software-testing tool to take over from there on.