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Presentations, E-B00ks & Study Material to prepare for ISTQB Certification Exams

These Presentations & Study Material are for Free Download on to your PC.

Important Steps to Download the Presentations or E-B00ks

Step-1: Just Click on the link. You will be taken to an interesting article on Testing. Never Mind.

Step-2: On the top of this newly opened page you will find a message Highlighted in Yellow advising you to browse down to the bottom of that page. 
Just browse down to the extreme bottom of the page & you will find the Hyperlink to download the desired E-B00k or the Presentation, you are

looking for.

Step-4: Just Click on the hyperlink & the download shall start in the background & the downloaded file shall open automatically on your PC.

Please have patience, since download may take some time depending upon the speed of your Internet Connection.

Available Formats are (*.ppt) Openable in MS Powerpoint software &  (*.pdf ) openable in Acrobat Reader.

MS Powerpoint Presentations - ISTQB:

1) Know the ISTQB / ISEB Certifications:
Format .ppt (395 Kb)

2) ISTQB Certification Exam Preparation:
 .ppt (1.91Mb)

3) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-1:
 .ppt (457 Kb)

4) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-2:
 .ppt (568 Kb)

5) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-3:
 .ppt (256 Kb)

6) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-4:
 .ppt (402 Kb)

7) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-5:
 .ppt (199 Kb)

8) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-6:
 .ppt (219 Kb)

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ISTQB Foundation Level Exam- Crash Course
(Full Study Material)

Quickstart to ISTQB Foundation Exam - Key Questions Answered

ISTQB Foundation Exam - Full Crash Course (Set of 30 Parts)

ISTQB Foundation Exam - K-Level wise Special Questions with Explanation (Set of 60 Questions)

Largest Database of Sample Papers - 1000+ Unique Questions for Practice Just before the Exam

ISTQB Certification Preparation Help Guide

Practical Roadmap to ISTQB Certification

Twelve Top Questions about ISTQB Certification

ISTQB Advanced Level Exam - Best E-B00ks

1) ISTQB Advanced Level Exam: Self Study E-B00k
Format .pdf (644 Kb) 

2) ISTQB Advanced Test Manager Exam Preparation Guide:
By Sandeep Virk
Format .pdf (135 Kb)  

ISTQB Advanced CTAL Test Manager Exams (Crash Course & Study Material)

Quickstart to ISTQB CTAL Test Managers Exam - Key Questions Answered

K Level Wise Topics CTAL Test Managers Exam as per the CTAL Syllabus

CTAL Test Managers Exam Sample Papers Set of 70 Questions

Set of 120 Descriptive Question / Answers and Preparatory Articles

Consolidated Crash Course for CTAL Test Managers Exam

ISTQB Advanced CTAL Test Analyst & Technical Analyst Exams (Crash Course & Study Material)

Quickstart to ISTQB CTAL Test Analysts Exam - Key Questions Answered

K Level Wise Topics CTAL Test Analysts Exam as per the CTAL Syllabus

K Level Wise Topics CTAL Technical Test Analysts Exam as per the CTAl Syllabus

CTAL Test Managers Exam Sample Papers Set of 80 Questions

Study Guides (Set of 8) & Preparatory Articles

Consolidated Crash Course for CTAL Test Analysts Exam

Latest Syllabus & Glossary by ISTQB

1) Glossary of Terms Ver. 2.2:

2) Syllabus Foundation Level Ver. 2011:
Format .pdf  

3) Syllabus Advanced Level Ver. 2007:
Format .pdf   

4) Syllabus Expert Level:
Format .pdf

Study Material - HP QTP & QC Certification Exams

Study Material - HP LoadRunner Certification Exams

Study Material - IBM RFT Certification Exam

Consolidated Study Material - Testing & QA

Most Popular Topics in Demand:

Practical Roadmap to CSTE Certification

Practical Roadmap to HP QTP Certification


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# 33 Ravi on 2011-07-08 09:16:47
Istqb certification exam prep guide(ms powerpoint ppt) has some major mistakes. Please correct them. The topic CATEGORIES OF TEST DESIGN TECHNIQUES slide is completely reverse. Please check that slide. Instead of black blox, it is mentioned white box

But the material is good. Thanx for the exam guide...

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great work
Thanks a lot and keep doing .

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....iam not intersted in manual testing which exam will help me

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The thought of a trio setting this up, makes me all the more interested in bookmarking this page.

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Please do keep up the good work.

Thank you very much

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Thanks a lot dear friend.. This is so helpfull to the exam. Can i know one thing. About presentations for Foundation exam - are those made according to the changes in 2011 sylabus or still according to the 2007 one ...

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