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Important Attributes of a Good Test Plan and how to create it

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Important Attributes of a Good Test Plan & how to create it

A Test Plan is the primary document providing the basis for doing testing in an organized manner. It is extremely important document for the project managers, using which they are able to manage the testing projects.

If a test plan is intelligently drawn, it helps in smooth sailing for the test execution and analysis activities.

The test plan acts as a dynamic document, especially in the constantly changing spiral environments. It changes according to the changes in the system. It provides a framework, which contains majority of the important planning considerations.

Some of the attributes of a

good test plan are as under:

1) It stands very good chances of catching majority of the defects

2) It provides test coverage for major portion of the code

3) It remains quite flexible

4) It can be executed easily, repeatedly and automatically

5) It defines the types of tests to be performed

6) It clearly lists out the expected results

7) It helps in defect reconciliation when a defect is found

8) It clearly defines the objectives of the tests

9) It defines the testing strategy in clear terms

10) It clearly defines the test exit criteria

11) It always remains meaningful & never becomes redundant

12) It identifies all risks

13) It describes the test requirements clearly

14) It describes the test deliverables clearly

Elements of a typical test plan are shown below

Although we can create our test plan in many different ways, the above illustration is a sort of framework that contains almost all types planning considerations essential for a testing project. We can use this as a checklist for selecting various elements that suit us. We may like to omit some of the steps to suit our own process, nature of the project, time constraints & organizational requirements etc.

Once the above test plan is in place, we need to move ahead with three concluding steps like

1) Defining Metrics

2) Scheduling & conducting periodic audits

3) Approving the test plan.

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