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Ten Top Questions about CSTE Certification

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Ten Top Questions about CSTE Certification

Q. 1: What is CSTE?

CSTE stands for the Certified Software Tester certification.

This certification is intended to establish standards for initial qualification and provide direction for the testing function through an aggressive educational program.

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Q. 2: Who provides the CSTE Certification?

The certification is provided by USA based QAI Global Institute.

In India, QAI India being the international division of QAI Global Institute – USA, provides the "CSTE " Certification.

color=#0000ff size=3 face="arial, helvetica, sans-serif">QAI Website

QAI Global Services India Website

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Q. 3: CSTE Certification is best suited to which type of professionals?

It is suitable for Software Testers having at least Three Years of working experience or having thorough knowledge of complete Lifecycle of Testing

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Q. 4: What are the Advantages of CSTE Certification?

1) It covers extremely wide areas under the testing domain.

2) It focuses more on the practical approaches instead of being theoretical.

3) It is quite suitable for experienced testers.

4) It is highly respectful certification recognized Internationally.

5) CSTE certification is an indicator of high competence in the principles & practices of QC / QA in IT sector.

6) CSTE engineers have greater opportunities for growth in their career.

7) CSTE engineers have larger acceptance in the advisory roles in the organization.

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Q. 5: What is the eligibility for taking up the CSTE Certification Exam?

Eligibility-1: The aspirant must fulfil either of the following prerequisites:

1) Four year degree from an accredited college-level institution and 2 years experience in the information services field or

2) Three year degree from an accredited college-level institution and 3 years experience in the information services field or

3) Two year degree from an accredited college-level institution and 4 years experience in the information services field or

4) Six years experience in the information services field

Eligibility-2: The aspirant should be working, or have worked at any time within the prior 18 months, in the field within covered by the certification designation.

The aspirant should have great breadth of knowledge / mastery over the basics of the entire Software Testing as described in "Common Body of Knowledge - CBOK".

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Q. 6: What is the period of validity of CSTE Certifications?

CSTE Certification needs re-certification after 3 years.

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Q. 7: What is the Structure of CSTE Exam?

1) This is a Four-Part Exam.

2) Exam consists of Multiple-choice Questions, Essays & Subjective type short answer type questions.

3) This is a four-hour exam.

4) Time allowed for finishing the test: 75 Minutes.

5) Passing Score: Minimum 75% (average score of all four parts)

6) The exams are online as well as paper-based depending upon the choice of location of examination center.

7) Exams are scheduled quarterly.

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Q. 8: How to apply for CSTE Certification Exam?

1) After careful study of all eligibility criterions, the aspirants are required to submit the completed Initial Application through the Website’s Customer Portal.

2) Make a non refundable payment of $350 (USD) on account of Initial application fee. This fee includes the cost of PDF Version of "Common Body of Knowledge - CBOK".

For getting a Hard copy of the CBOK alongwith a CD, we need to pay $420 (USD)

3) Once the application gets accepted, the aspirant needs to prepare & appear in the exam within a period of 12 months, failing which the application expires & would need fresh submission from the beginning.

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Q. 9: What happens if exam is not cleared during the first attempt in 12 months?

1) If the aspirant takes the Initial exam within the 12 months period & is unable to clear the exam, he is eligible to take a 2nd & 3rd attempt (If required)

2) 2nd & 3rd attempts of the exams must be cleared within a period of 24 months of filing the Initial Application, failing which the Application expires & would need fresh submission of application from the beginning..

3) A fee of 100$ (USD) per retake of exam needs to be paid through the Customer Portal

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Q. 10: What is the Syllabus for CSTE c
ertifications Exams?

Syllabus includes everything including the basics of Software Testing as described in "Common Body of Knowledge - CBOK".

Now Where to go from here:

Study & repeatedly practice the Following Objective Type & Subjective Type Test Papers designed to clarify all typical concepts, which will help you to build a solid foundation for the CSTE exam.

1) Study the Following Objective Type Question Papers

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -1 (Q1-20)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -2 (Q21-40)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -3 (Q41-60)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -4 (Q61-80)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -5 (Q81-100)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -6 (Q101-120)

2) Study the Following Subjective Type Questions

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 1 to 10

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 11 to 20

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 21 to 30

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 31 to 40

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 41 to 50

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 51 to 60

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 61 to 70

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 71 to 80

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 81 to 90

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 91 to 100

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# 1 Anita on 2010-03-29 14:39:34
Thanks alot for sharing this valuable information.


# 2 Swapna on 2010-12-23 01:15:38

I have 33 months of experience as on Dec 2010.

My company has nominated me for CSTE certification in the month of March 2011.

Am i eligible to give the test in March?


# 3 Laticia on 2011-08-05 18:11:51
Cheers pal. I do arppeciate the writing.

# 4 Kiran on 2012-04-29 19:28:56
what does the cd version of CBOk contain?? does it include sample CSTE questons and mock testd?

# 5 Parambir on 2013-03-05 00:18:31
I just realized that i have to appear for the exam within 25 days, as my date is gonna expire. I had applied for it last year and due to to much work, i just was not able to get to it.
Now since i have just 20 odd days, and i dont want to waste the money i spent, will these test papers (links provided) above help me. I clearly dont have enough time to go through the entire CBOOK.
I know its kind of stupid question, but i am stuck. Please advice. Thank you.

# 6 sreevidya on 2014-04-28 23:12:32
I have taken my CSTE exam last week and my results are posted today and I have passed the exam with 88% and I so happy that these sample questions helped me in preparing for CSTE

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