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Review your Skills on Gray Box Testing-through Descriptive Questions

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Review your Skills on Gray Box Testing-through Descriptive Questions

(Answers to Objective Type Questions on Gray Box Testing - are available at the end of this article)


Q. 1: What is the reason that Gray-box testing is based on requirement based test case generation?


sans-serif">Gray-box testing uses assertion methods to preset all the conditions required, prior to a program being tested. Formal testing is one of the commonly used techniques for ensuring that a core program is correct to a very large degree. It the requirement specification language is being used to specify the requirement, it would be easy to execute the requirement stated and verify its correctness. Gray-box testing will use the predicate and verifications defined in requirement specification language as inputs to the requirements based test case generation phase.


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Q. 2: Why is Gray-Box testing especially useful for Web and Internet applications?


This is so because the Internet is built around loosely integrated components that connected via relatively well-defined interfaces. It factors in high-level design, environment and inter¬operability conditions. It reveals problems of end-to-end information flow and distributed hardware / software system configuration and compatibility.


The context specific errors are germane to web systems and it is the Gray-box testing which uncovers these errors.


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Q. 3: What is the gray-box assumption for object-oriented softwares?


Typically, a reference state model for SOT is assumed. The testing problem is to identify failure to conform to the reference model. The tester must determine which state is actually obtained by applying a distinguishing sequence and observing the resulting output. This increases the number of tests by a large amount. With object-oriented software, we assume that the internal state can be determined by¬


(a) A method of activation state where activation is equated with state.


(b) State reporting capability in the Class-Under-Test (CUT).


(c) Built-in Test reporting in the CUT.


These are the Gray-Box assumptions.


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Q. 4: Can we have only gray-box testers?


No, because a high level of success lies in the fact that we can have a mix of different types of testers with different skill sets like database expert, security expert, test automation expert etc.

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