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New Bonanza for Aspirants for ISTQB Certification Foundation Level Exam CTFL

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Download - ISTQB Foundation Level Exam CTFL Full Study Material with Newly Updated Question Banks

Dear Tester Friends,

From time to time, I had been giving you valuable tips & support material to succeed in ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level Exam.

Continuing with my efforts on giving you the latest preparation material, today I am giving you the following updated stuff that will help you in cracking the CTFL exam much more comfortably.

Newly Updated Set of 1145 Absolutely Unique Questions - The largest Data Bank of (1060 + 60 + 25 = 1145) Selected & Unique Questions

The Questions Databank is divided into Three Parts:

Part 1:

Set of 1060 Nos. Questions from ISTQB CTFL exams in the past

href="">Download Link for the First set of 1060 Questions

Part 2:

Set of 60 Nos. Special Questions (K-Level Wise) carrying detailed explanation in favor of the Correct Answer

Download Link for the First set of 10 Questions

Part 3:

Set of 25 Nos. Quick Concept Review Questions (True / False) Type

Download Link for the set of 25 Questions

Recently I had shared a success story of a Senior Test Analyst working for a multinational company, who cracked the CTFL exam in just 5 days of preparation using the exhaustive study material brought to you. I wish that you too could draw similar benefit from it

Other links that shall be helpful in cracking the CTFL exam are

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Practical Roadmap to ISTQB Certification

Quickstart to ISTQB CTFL Exam - Key Questions Answered

ISTQB Foundation Level Exam - Download a Crash Course

ISTQB Certification Preparation Help Guide

Best of Luck for the Prestigious CTFL Certification ! ! ! !

An Interesting Fact

You can easily find Several Question Papers on the Internet that are full of Duplicates / Triplicates Repeating Numerous times causing great frustration.

When I say Unique Means every question listed above appears just once & only once !!!!!

Try if you can help us find out a Duplicate?

MS Powerpoint Presentations - ISTQB:

1) Know the ISTQB / ISEB Certifications:
.ppt (395 Kb)

2) ISTQB Certification Exam Preparation:
.ppt (1.91Mb)

3) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-1:
.ppt (457 Kb)

4) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-2:
.ppt (568 Kb)

5) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-3:
.ppt (256 Kb)

6) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-4:
.ppt (402 Kb)

7) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-5:
.ppt (199 Kb)

8) ISTQB Foundation Exam Chapter-6:
.ppt (219 Kb)

Latest Syllabus & Glossary by ISTQB

1) Glossary of Terms Ver. 2.2:


2) Syllabus Foundation Level Ver. 2011:

3) Syllabus Advanced Level Ver. 2007:

4) Syllabus Expert Level:

Many More Articles & Study Material on ISTQB Certification 

Largest Database of Sample Papers - 1000+ Unique Questions for ISTQB Foundation Exam

ISTQB Foundation Exam - Full Crash Course for Download

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Consolidated Study Material - All ISTQB Certification Exams

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Comments :


# 1 Mohan on 2013-05-16 17:27:48
Thanks for sharing the valuable material. It was very useful for me.

# 2 jai on 2013-05-31 09:39:34
can anyone tell me the correct answer for this---

What is the definition of Complete Testing?

Click the correct answer:

a. Every test in the test plan has been completed .
b. Every bug in the program has been discovered.
c. Scheduled ship date has reached.
d. Every statement, branch, and combination of branches in the program has been tested .

# 3 Pawan Mangoli on 2014-02-07 09:58:18
Awesome work!!!
Do you also keep all this material updated? Do you also keep a check on versions and update relevant material here? So that at any given time, I will get the latest material.

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