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LoadRunner HPO-M48 Certification Skill Test-Q. 1 to 10

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LoadRunner HPO-M48 Certification Skill Test: Q. 1 to 10

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on LoadRunner under the Series

(Quickly Review Your LoadRunner Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam HP0-M18)

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 1: What is the LoadRunner term that describes the time a user pauses between steps?

A. Pacing
B. User Delay
C. Think time
D. Navigation time

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Q. 2: What is the first stage of load testing process?

A. Plan the load test
B. Create the scenario
C. Execute the scenario
D. Create VuGen scripts

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Q. 3: When analyzing a technical aspect of a system under test, which group is a helpful source of information?

A. End users
B. Functional experts
C. Application experts
D. Corporate executives

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Q. 4: Which file type has an extension .lrr?

A. Script
B. Results
C. Analysis
D. Scenario

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Q. 5: You are a LoadRunner expert consultant and have been assigned to a client that needs to performance test an application that has not yet been released. How can you obtain information about the application anticipated load?

A. Estimate how the application will be used
B. Obtain the necessary information from web logs
C. Look in the application’s database to determine the anticipated load
D. Consult with the business experts to determine the anticipated load

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Q. 6: Which LoadRunner component runs the vuser that generates the load?

A. VuGen
B. Analysis
C. Controller
D. Load Generator/host

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Q. 7: You are running a 3-tier web application. With which component must the load generator(s) communicate? (Select Two)

A. VuGen
B. Analysis
C. Controller
D. Web server
E. Database server
F. Application server

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Q. 8: Which statement is an example of a conceptual goal?

A. The application’s update function should still work under heavy load
B. The update transaction must attain 200 concurrent users during peak time
C. The search transaction should respond within 5 seconds during normal usage
D. The login transaction should respond within 4 seconds or less during heavy usage

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Q. 9: Which term defines the end-to-end measurement of time when one or more steps are completed?

A. Transaction.
B. Action section.
C. Business Process.
D. Business Verification.

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Q. 10: During the analysis of a scenario, you realize that the hits per second become flat as Vusers continue to increase. What is likely to cause?

A. A bandwidth problem
B. A database server problem
C. A web server connection problem
D. An application server connection problem

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