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ISTQB Certifications - Stepping Stone for Shaping career in Software Testing

A professional software-testing engineer is a person who puts test knowledge into action in a professional way. He or she must have knowledge and understanding of the basics of software testing, and some experience in deploying the knowledge in testing practice. An advanced education or ISTQB certification goes further than knowledge and understanding and aims at providing the software testing engineer with abilities to analyze complete and complex test assignments.

We must not forget that software testing is not a pure science like chemistry or physics. There is no absolute solution to how it must be done; in fact there are many different thoughts and convictions for the approach to software testing.
Any of the ISTQB certification of advanced level is a demanding professional education in software testing based on the ISTQB foundation level certification.

If we compare the software testing education with getting a driver’s license and driving a car, then the foundation level ISTQB certification is like getting the theoretical part and base the license on that and a little bit of supervised practice. You need to learn all the traffic rules by heart, not necessarily understand them, and only be able to apply them in a limited environment. The advanced driver has driven a car many time, and in many different situations: in nice weather, in the rain, and maybe even on an snow as well. The advanced driver has driven different cars, and perhaps even driven in places where they drive on the “wrong” side of the road. Maybe the advanced driver would not be able to pass the theoretical driver's license test again, but he or she drives with a deep understanding of that foundation every day.
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Whether a person is a novice or experienced in testing field, ISTQB certification in foundation or advanced level makes him or her better tester than what he or she is at the moment. These certifications are certainly a golden feather in his/her cap.