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Fee Structure for Online Training on QTP

QuickTest Professional 11.0 Software

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Fee Structure for Different Training Packages?

1) Crash Course:
Advanced QTP 11.0 training

Duration: 15 - 20 Hrs.: Spread over 4 weeks (Saturdays + Sundays)

Fee : USD 125 (Students residing in India can pay in 2 Installments)

2) Regular Course: Basic + Advanced QTP 11.0 training

Duration: 30 - 35 Hrs.: Spread over 6 weeks (Saturdays + Sundays)

Fee :
USD 185 (Students residing in India can pay in 2 Installments)

3) Combo Course: Covers detailed explanation right from the QTP basics + advanced QTP training
Duration: 40 - 45 Hrs.: Spread over 8 weeks (Saturdays + Sundays)

Fee : USD 250 (Students residing in India can pay in 3 Installments)

Key Attraction: You will learn – How to Create an Automation Framework yourself

You can request for a one hour FREE Demo Class on Saturday or Sunday - Then decide to pay if satisfied. You can very well ask for the contact details of persons trained in the past.

Schedule of Training: Training slot can be booked after discussions with the faculty in view of the present ongoing training classes. 

Terms and Conditions for Training

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For more information & clarification, if any, please feel free to write back. to us at

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