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A Practical Roadmap to
CSTE Certification

This Prestigious Certification is No More a Distant Dream Now

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Following Two Questions quickly come to the mind of every person in the domain of Software Testing & Quality Assurance, & desirous of pursuing CSTE Certification.

Q. 1: Where can I quickly get the desired information about CSTE certification?

Well !!!! The Answer to this Question lies here:

1) The first place is certainly the official website of QAI Global Institute (erstwhile Quality Assurance Institute) who is responsible to provide CSTE certifications like:

QAI Website

QAI Global Services India Website

2) Read the article
Ten Top Questions about CSTE Certifications & get going.This can be your effective starting point.

This article will probably provide answer to all the questions you have been carrying on with you since long.

<<<<<< =================== >>>>>>

Q. 2: How should I prepare myself for CSTE Certification?

There are three methods of preparation through following type of Question Papers designed to clarify all typical concepts, which will help you to build a solid foundation for the CSTE Exam

Method –1:
Study the Following Objective Type Question Papers

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -1 (Q 1 to 20)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -2 (Q 21 to 40)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -3 (Q 41 to 60)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -4 (Q 61 to 80)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -5 (Q 81 to 100)

CSTE Objective Type Test - Part -6 (Q 101 to 120)

Method –2: Study the Following Subjective Type Questions

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 1 to 10

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 11 to 20

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 21 to 30

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 31 to 40

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 41 to 50

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 51 to 60

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 61 to 70

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 71 to 80

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 81 to 90

CSTE Exam Preparation - Q 91 to 100

Method –3: In addition to the above, study the "Common Book of Knowledge - CBOK" for understanding various concepts of Software Testing & Quality Assurance.

You can Freely Download the CBOK Help Guides by using the following Links

Download - CSTE CBOK - Help Guide

Download - CSTE CBOK Redefined Guide

We are sure that with the support of the above exhaustive Study Material, coupled with your efforts + zeal to accomplish the difficult, CSTE Certification shall be with you.

Best of Luck !!!!! Friends

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