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Complete Study Material for HP LoadRunner Certification Exam

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Complete Study Material for HP LoadRunner Certification Exam

Presentations, E-books & Study Material to prepare for HP LoadRunner Certification Exam (HPO-M48) & HP VuGen Exam (HPO-M49)

These Presentations & Study Material are for Free Download on to your PC.

Important Steps to Download the Presentations or E-B00ks

Step-1: Just Click on the link. You will be taken to an interesting article on Testing. Never Mind.

Step-2: On the top of this newly opened page you will find a message Highlighted in Yellow advising you to browse down to the bottom of that page. 

Just browse down to the extreme bottom of the page & you will find the Hyperlink to download the desired E-B00k or the Presentation, you are looking for.

Step-4: Just Click on the hyperlink & the download shall start in the background & the downloaded file shall open automatically on your PC.

Please have patience, since download may take some time depending upon the speed of your Internet Connection.

Available Formats are (*.ppt) Openable in MS Powerpoint software & 
(*.pdf ) openable in Acrobat Reader & (*.chm) openable directly in windows.

Important Tip to open (*.chm) Files

Available Formats are (*.ppt) Openable in MS Powerpoint software &  (*.pdf ) openable in Acrobat Reader & (*.chm) openable directly in windows.

Presentations & E-Books on HP LoadRunner:

1) Performance & Load Testing
.pdf (621 Kb)  ; .ppt (1.89 Mb)

2) An Introduction to LoadRunner - A Powerful Performance Testing Tool by HP
.pdf (137 Kb)  

3) Let us Learn & Master LoadRunner 11.0
.pdf (1.67 Mb)  

4) Load Test Planning - Especially with LoadRunner
.ppt (238 Kb)  

5) Understanding of Load Testing Tools - Especially HP LoadRunner
.ppt (932 Kb)  

6) Introduction to HP LoadRunner - Getting Familiar with LoadRunner
.ppt (924 Kb)  

7) Building Scripts for LoadRunner
.ppt (887 Kb)  

8) Configuration of Run Time Settings for HP LoadRunner
.ppt (406 Kb)  

9) Playing Back Scripts in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (538 Kb)  

10) Parameterization - Advanced VUser Scripts in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (496 Kb)  

11) Enhancing Vuser Scripts in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (1.03 Mb)  

12) Understanding Correlation in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (505 Kb)  

13) How to design a Scenarion in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (813 Kb)  

14) How to Run a Scenarion in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (386 Kb)  

15) How to do Analysis in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (550 Kb)  

16) Understanding Perfmon - The Performance Testing Tool
.ppt (634 Kb)  

17) Understanding Analysis Reports in HP LoadRunner
.ppt (500 Kb)  

Question Papers HP LoadRunner Certification Exams
(Largest Databases of Question Papers)

LoadRunner Exam Question Papers : HPO-M48

VuGen Exam Question Papers: HPO-M49

Interview Questions for LoadRunner Related Jobs

Rehearsal of LoadRunner in 1 Hr. - Set of 80 Short Questions

Interview Questions - LoadRunner

Interview Questions - Controller module

Interview Questions -  VuGen Module

Study Material - to prepare a Solid Foundation
for HP LoadRunner Certification Exams

Tutorials helpful in LoadRunner Certification

Descriptive Articles helpful in LoadRunner Certification

Many More Articles on HP LoadRunner 

Download Full Study Material - HP QTP & QC Certification Exams

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