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ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Exam Crash Course Part 17

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ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Exam Crash Course Part 17

The following user-friendly questions prepared according to different K-Levels are of great help in reviewing your skills before appearing in ISTQB Agile Tester Extension Certification exam as per the latest syllabus.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 161 to 170)

The Correct Answer option has been Hi-lighted in Yellow.

Q. 161: (Level K1) How could you benefit from having an End User Representative in your development team?

A. End users should NOT be in the development team. Requirements are always communicated to the developers by the Product Owner, who is part of the customer team
B. The End User Representative will be solely responsible for acceptance tests within the team
C. The End User Representative assures that user stories are documented properly
D. The End User Representative will be able to clearly tell the developers what will work for an end user

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Q. 162: (Level K1) Which one of the following statements about workshops

is true for Agile projects?

A. All project stakeholders should attend requirements workshops
B. Retrospectives are only run at the end of a project
C. It is best if the Project Manager facilitates the project’s workshops
D. An independent facilitator will manage the structure of a facilitated workshop but not input to the content

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Q. 163: (Level K1) Which of the following is a characteristic of an Agile leader?

A. Task focused
B. Process oriented
C. Supportive
D. Disengaged

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Q. 164: (Level K1) The Agile approach to documentation is:

A. Do no documentation because it is a waste of time
B. Do sufficient documentation to prove you have done a good job
C. Do the necessary documentation to support the development and use of the product
D. Do more documentation than usual, because Agile is risky

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Q. 165: (Level K1) The Agile Leader …

A. Should allocate tasks to the team members each day at the stand-up meeting
B. Should involve the team in their own work-allocation
C. Should give detailed work-plans to the team each day
D. Should direct the work of the team, if they are inexperienced

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Q. 166: (Level K1) Which of the following are attributes of an Agile team?

A. Courage to change and adapt
B. Trust of fellow team members to do the work
C. Responsiveness to change
D. All of these

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Q. 167: (Level K1) Agile methods are described as “adaptive” because…

A. Agile teams have the empowerment to frequently respond to change and to learn on a project by changing the plan
B. The rate of development progress on an Agile project is constantly tracked to allow adaptation
C. Project Managers are not needed in Agile methods because teams are self-organizing
D. Workshops held at the beginning and the end of every iteration (timebox) allow the team to adapt the product specification

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Q. 168: (Level K1) When handling team dynamics, the Agile Leader should …

A Empower the team members, within appropriate limits
B. Encourage an environment of competition and personal advantage
C. Give clear directives to the team about what they should do and how
D. Expect team members to be proactive and each work to their own priorities and objectives

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Q. 169: (Level K1) Which one of the following is a key feature of documentation that you would expect to find in an Agile project?

A. System documentation created at the end of each increment, at the start of the deployment
B. User Stories held in a spreadsheet or specialist database, where full details of user conversations are recorded for future purposes, like handover to maintenance or support
C. User Story cards containing only enough detail for planning and development, which will need to be supplemented by further face-to-face conversations
D. No written documentation, as all good communication is face-to-face

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Q. 170: (Level K1) What is the effect of having a large visible project plan on a wall?

A. It removes the need to create any other reports for management
B. It continuously communicates progress within the team and to other stakeholders
C. It allows the Project Manager to allocate tasks to specific team members
D. It is restrictive, as it does not allow the team to innovate and change

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