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Software bugs, undoubtedly, can be expensive and therefore, most of the companies are investing a lot of money to fix them at an early stage. There are numerous companies that test each and every product before launching it into the market. In their firm, they recruit QA engineers who have great skills and possess vast knowledge and experience in the field. If you want to get an entry in this field, then you must have certain qualities, such as intellectual and technical capability, positive attitude, strong communication skills, eagle eye approach to detect the bugs and many more. To give some weightage to your resume, you can also clear QTP Certification exam conducted by HP. If you don’t have any idea about this exam, then exploring online portals is the best way to access all the information.

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We, Software Testing Genius, bring to you exclusive study material on Software Testing that would help you to enhance your testing skills. From our online portal, anyone can easily access information about Quick Test Professional ranging from self assessment quizzes, question papers, certification information, tutorials and a lot more. On the other hand, if you want to master the interview giving art, then you should access tips and tricks, skill test, managerial/general interviews, etc. All of our questions are basically divided into three levels – Basic, Expert & intermediate. We are also a one stop destination to get articles on management which are in latest demand. To become a highly-skilled tester, access our comprehensive study material today!

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