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Software testing from a company perspective can be a challenging task unless it is handled by the right personnel. To test your software products successfully it is prudent to engage a program testing support. One of the main benefits of using such something is to determine the critical functionality of the software. It also provides concrete outcomes that give you the confidence of the software you have designed.

Software Testing

Software Testing is the way to obtain information of crucial reviews including problem reviews and analytics. Even though you may have a sense of emergency of releasing your software to the masses it is essential to have it examined first. Even though it may involve several weeks or months of testing, it is important to get it right initially.

A testing support performs stress assessments and other assessments to look for bugs and errors in your program. Top quality assurance assessments are conducted at each phase of growth, which ensures an excellent quality product available for end users. With the assistance of a program testing support, you can easily identify threats in the primary levels and prevent further growing of these hazards at later procedures in the software growth lifecycle. You can approach the leading company for software testing and QTP Certification programs offered by them. Go through their website for more details.

Approach Experts For Software Testing Services For Applications

If considered from a company viewpoint, software testing could be a frightening task unless managed by testing experts. There are many advantages that software testing provides and one of the biggest benefits is the capability to assess the critical performance and sleek running of the software. Along with providing more concrete and positive results, software testing is the major way to obtain raw information such as analytics and problem reviews that are produced in the meanwhile procedure.

Software Testing
Software Testing services perform stress testing and other forms of testing to find out the bugs in the described procedure. Quality guarantee testing is carried out at almost every stage of web growth guaranteeing a better product top quality obtainable to end users and customers. It is simple and quite easy to figure out the threats involved at initial phases of growth and prevent them priory in the software growth life-cycle.

Moreover, testing procedure can be useful for evaluating the approximated quantity of which the software gets developed and a difficult idea of the launch date to make to the client. If you are looking for a company that can offer you efficient QTP Certification, then the leading company is the perfect place for you to benefit from their services. For more details, go through their online portal.

Software Testing Certification- A Value Addition To Your Career

With the correct mindset and resources, a career in Software Testing can be a fulfilling one. There are tremendous opportunities in the arena of software testing for both the individual with a degree and for the determined and interested individuals who wish to enhance their marketable job skills. It is the most in-demand profile in today’s IT industry and it pays quite well too. However, if you are willing to learn the nuts and bolts of software testing in order to take your career to the next level, then consider earning one or more certifications that will help you stand out of the crowd. Hence, to bridge the gap between the somewhat ordinary software tester and a certified software tester, Software Testing Genius has come up with all the Ins and outs of software technology under one roof.
Software _ TestingWe provide the comprehensive online help and in-depth knowledge on software testing and quality assurance to the young aspirants and experienced engineers already practicing this field. To give you a clear understanding of hot automation tools and help you in getting the QTP Certification from HP, we provide everything right from tutorials, question papers, self-assessment quizzes, certification information and a lot more. Thus, we save your effort and time which you would have wasted digging out the desired knowledge and browsing the internet to garner information related to the vast field of software testing. Not just this, we also empower you to share our published information freely among your friends and peers of the software testing community. Hence, if you are seeking assistance for qualifying software testing certifications simply visit us today!

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These days, the consumer encounter provided by a computer program determines its popularity and profitability. The consumer encounter provided by software depends on its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, and security across various devices and platforms. Hence, it becomes essential for businesses to focus on the quality and consumer encounter of their applications throughout the database integration lifecycle.

Many businesses nowadays apply official Software Testing strategy to release a top-notch program. Also, many businesses nowadays test the applying consistently and under real customer conditions. But several entrepreneurs still do not realize the importance of examining in the database integration lifecycle, and the benefits of examining the applying early and consistently.

4Most businesses nowadays want to generate more revenue by launching programs that deliver optimal consumer encounter. Hence, they apply official program QTP Certification to release software without any critical defects or performance issues. Likewise, many businesses even apply agile methodology or DevOps to evaluate the applying throughout the database integration lifecycle. An entrepreneur can always gather information and quantitative data from various sources to verify these common program examining myths and misconceptions. To get certification programs from professionals, you can visit the leading service provider through their online portal and benefit from their certification programs.

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Everyone has heard of the word testing, and for that matter software testing has emerged to be buzz word these days. Software testing should be performed to help the owners to run their business via different software. Today, young generation is leaning towards their career in the IT field to brush up their skills in software testing. If you are a young aspirant and want to learn the professional software testing, then you can consider our authentic website that help guide the user polish their skills of software testing.

Software testingWe gain the excellence in bringing the diversified knowledge of Software Testing/Quality Assurance and also in helping the aspirant saving the great efforts, time and money to hunt different places to grab the desired knowledge on the vast field of testing. So, Are you ready to get excel in software testing? If your answer is yes, then quickly visit our website now to have the information deeply about the testing and shared the published information among your friends and colleagues of the Software Testing Community. With our shared material, you got to know everything about the Hot Automation Tool. Also, you can get the help in getting the QTP Certification. If you are having any query, then call us.

Earn QTP Certification To Make bright Career in Testing Field

There is no denying that the software testing is one of the most crucial parts of the system development life cycle. We cannot ensure the reliability and quality of any software application until and unless it is thoroughly tested using the standard test tools like QTP etc. It has its own phase in the process and has its own specialized test engineers. In fact, it is the vast field that offers fascinating career opportunities to the students and job seekers.  If you want to make a safe career in the Information Technology (IT) line, then you should consider software testing field. It will open up the path of high paying line of work for you. Earning QTP certificate is one the most sought after ways for students to make a bright career in the field. This certification makes way for better work chances and higher recognition in the work place.


However, getting the QTP Certification requires considerable work preparation. Here at Software Testing Genius,  you will find lots of study material for understanding and clearing QTP concepts. We have numerous free e-books, tutorials, interview questions, templates and checklists that you can access absolutely free in just a few minutes from our web portal. Our comprehensive study materials will help you to learn in a short and easy manner. Furthermore, you can attempt our multiple answer– online quiz to get an idea about your preparation. So what are you looking for?  Just navigate through our web portal to access our all-exclusive study materials now!

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These days, the popularity of software testing tools has increased to accomplish higher release quality, to raise up defect find rate and to detect all the bugs at the initial level. The best part about the software testing tools is that these solutions are reliable and offer more effective and productivity as per customers’ point of view. Presently, there are wide ranges of software testing tools that help all the business owners to accelerate their testing process. Some of them are HP Loadrunner, HP QTP – QuickTest Professional 11.0 and IBM Rational Functional Tester. Today, there are many companies who prefer to recruit candidates having some knowledge of such tools. So, if you want to learn these tools, then visiting numerous online portals will be the smart decision.

We, at Software Testing Genius, bring sound tutorials on automation tools for all the aspirants. Our online portal is a great destination to access information on QTP Certification and other exams. If you are going to appear in this exam, then you should attempt our multiple answer – online quiz to assess your weaknesses and strengths. By doing so, you will come to know how well your preparation level is. On the other hand, if you are preparing for ISTQB Certification exam, then you should check our ‘glossary encyclopedia’ section to know about important software testing terms.

By accessing our ‘interview questions’ section, you can easily prepare for technical and HR round. The best part is that our site is updated on the regular basis by our team of experts. So, what are you waiting for? Simply visit our website today to get access to the wonderful knowledgebase.!

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No doubt, Software testing is one of the most important parts of Software development process that ensure the quality of the product being developed. Being a vast field, it offers a large number of opportunities for the experienced people and freshers. If you want to start your career as a tester, then you must have good knowledge about various terminologies and concepts about this field. To become successful in this industry, every person must have great skills. By obtaining ISTQB Certification of foundation level, you can get a good job in top MNC without any fuss. The foundation level exam is conducted to assess the abilities of a tester. To clear this exam with good score, an aspirant should buy some books written by top authors. Besides, he or she can also browse through online portals to access the study material in an easy manner.


Software Testing Genius is a reputed online portal that brings a huge collection of study material on this certification. From our site, anyone can easily access presentations, e-books, tutorials, checklists, templates etc. in just one click. We also provide in-depth information about various topics including test cases, risk analysis, SDLC & STLC, Software development models, Software bugs among others. The best part is that we update our site on the regular basis with quality content. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, you can surely get benefited by accessing our comprehensive study material. If you want to get through QTP Certification with high score, you should download e-books from our site without any delay!

Get Through QTP Certification Easily with Extensive Study Material

In today’s time, software testers are using different types of testing tools to ensure whether a software or system meets the specific requirements or not. Some of the commonly used tools are IBM Rational, LoadRunner, QTP etc. If we talk about Quick Test Professional (QTP), every developer and tester want to master on this tool in order to test and develop the application efficiently and effectively. So, if an aspirant gets this certification, then he can give a boost to his resume. Moreover, he can also have a great chance to work with a top company. However, getting through QTP Certification is not so easy as it seems to be. For this, you must have the right guidance and comprehensive study material including true or false questions, multiple choice questions etc.

We, Software Testing Genius, bring for the aspirants all the ins and outs of Software Testing at one place. From our online portal, you can easily access tutorials, free e-books, presentations, multiple answer online quiz and a lot more. Besides, if you are going to attend an interview, then you can access large question bank on HP QTP – QuickTest Pro. 11.0 to prepare well. We have launched this site with a mission to assist aspirants to enhance their quality assurance and testing skills by offering them extensive study material. Whether you are an experienced engineer or an aspirant, you will surely get benefit. Here, you can also get detailed information on flamboyant topics such as test cases, risk analysis, software development models, SDLC & STLC models etc. So, log on today to download extensive study material!

Upgrade Your Software with Advanced QTP Certification


When software is first developed, it is not readily launched in the market before running some tests on it. Testing the software on various parameters helps to scrutinize its features under vivid spectrum and assurance is ascertained, after it passes the tests. Thus, software testing involves a lot of serious work and requires professionals who are highly skilled in their field and knows the outcome if they fail to deliver proper results. Certification programs are developed to ensure the fact that software testing is done only by qualified professionals.

Importance Of Certification
If you are an online website owner and want to sell clothing, then assuring that your software is in proper working condition becomes a priority for you. You will only opt for companies that have professionals with QTP Certification. Taking a risk in this aspect of a business is not a worthwhile thought. It is only an expert who will understand the aim behind developing the software and thus will be able to give proper assessment on this. Hence, when customer satisfaction means the world to you, it is better to focus on your priority before opting for a company.

Important Course Guidelines
Becoming a professional and getting a degree on ISTQB Certification is a tough job to do. Candidates who are aspirant professionals in the software testing industry need a proper study guide to pass in the certification examinations. Students who are interested in demonstrating their practical knowledge in software testing must opt for the certification courses from a recognized university or organization. This will enable them to get the overview of the industry and understand the various programs through which the software is tested before launching on the market.