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Find ISTQB Certification Study Materials Online

Are you planning to make your career in software testing? Well, there are plenty of candidates with software testing skills that are getting jobs in this field. On the same hand, many companies are in the expansion mode and looking for skilled candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in testing and quality assurance. If you have a passion and dedication in testing, then you can build a successful career in this field. To enter into this career, you need to qualify ISTQB certification. In addition, you need high quality study material for preparation. There are so many sources available over the web from where you can get study material for ISTQB Certification and qualify the exam.

Software Testing Genius is the reliable source to download study materials. We are here to provide Advanced Level Exams Complete Roadmap. Our site allows you to download full study material and start your preparation. We have a professional software tester who is highly trained and experienced. He is an expert of Automation Testing. He strives to deliver knowledge based on Software Testing & Quality Assurance to candidates and experienced engineers. Each Software Testing study material has tutorials, question papers, self assessment quizzes, and certification information. You can also ask for online help. Not only this, we also prepare you for the interview by providing high quality interview preparation question and full descriptive tutorials. You can contact us anytime.

Prepare Well For ISTQB Certification With Comprehensive Study Material

Software Testing is one of the great procedures that ensure the quality, completeness and correctness of a software. To check the system, most of the QA engineers use various testing strategies such as white box, black box and gray box. By using these techniques, anyone can easily identify the bugs at the earliest. Once you identify and fix them, you can save your money. In other words, it is one of the most important aspects of the SDLC life cycle. These days, most of the companies are spending a lot of money to develop defect free software. If you want to get an entry into IT industry and haven’t any interest in programming, then you should select this field as the career option.


But before starting a career in this field, you should have knowledge about latest trends and tools. Besides, clearing ISTQB Certification is also the best way to give weightage to a curriculum vitae. However, qualifying this exam is not a cup of tea for everyone. For this, you have to prepare well for the exam. We, at Software Testing Genius, present exclusive study material to all the aspirants. From our e-portal, anyone can easily access tutorials, free e-books, glossary encyclopedia, flamboyant topics, templates & checklists, hot automation tools etc. in just a single click of the mouse.

By accessing our exclusive study material, you can easily get through certification exam with good marks. The best part is that our website was launched by a certified professional who has vast experience in this field. So, visit our site now to access comprehensive study material on Software Testing!

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Qualify Your ISTQB Certification With Software Testing Genius

Do you want to qualify your ISTQB certification in first attempt? Are you seeking a reliable source to get high quality study material for your ISTQB exam? Well, there are a number of online sources available that claim to provide high quality study materials. But, all online portals are not reliable and trusted. In this situation, you can only trust Software Testing Genius. We are the reliable source to get quality study material for ISTQB Certification. Not only this, we also provide Advanced Level Exams Complete Roadmap. You can download full study material and start your preparation without any delay. Our e-portal is designed by a Trio of Experts in the IT field.

Software Testing


Our software tester is highly trained and experienced. He is an expert of Automation Testing. Our professional has the skills to bring a knowledge base on Software Testing & Quality Assurance to the aspirants as well as experienced engineers. Our main aim is to help you polish your skills of software testing and quality assurance. We focus on enhancing your knowledge related to Software Testing & Quality Assurance. In addition to this, we also provide tutorials, question papers, self assessment quizzes, certification information & online help. We also provide you with the high quality interview preparation question and full descriptive tutorials. If you want to qualify your certification in first attempt, then you can visit our website and download our study material.

Go Online To Get Study Material For ISTQB Exams

Are you willing to add a certification to your qualification? Do you want to become a software test professional? If yes, then you can enroll yourself in a certification course. There are a number of certification courses available such as ISTQB, QTP, CSTP, CTM, CMST, CSTE, and ISEB. You can select the right course and prepare yourself for the exam. ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualification Board is the best certification that you can select for your best career. When it comes to qualifying the ISTQB Certification, you need high quality study materials. There are several online sources available from where you can simply get high quality materials to qualify the exam.

Software Testing Genius is the one stop destination from where you can get software testing study materials. Our online portal allows you to download high quality materials without any hassle. We focus on providing complete information, free e-books, flamboyant topics, presentation, checklists, templates, and a lot more. We have a group of professional experts that can assist you polish your skills of Software Testing and quality assurance. We are here to deliver ISTQB Certification Foundation, along with Advanced Level Exams Complete Roadmap. You can easily Download Full Study Material. We believe in providing Ins and Outs of software technology in a single place. Call us anytime. To know more please visit at

Enhance Your Testing Skills With Software Testing Genius

Software bugs, undoubtedly, can be expensive and therefore, most of the companies are investing a lot of money to fix them at an early stage. There are numerous companies that test each and every product before launching it into the market. In their firm, they recruit QA engineers who have great skills and possess vast knowledge and experience in the field. If you want to get an entry in this field, then you must have certain qualities, such as intellectual and technical capability, positive attitude, strong communication skills, eagle eye approach to detect the bugs and many more. To give some weightage to your resume, you can also clear QTP Certification exam conducted by HP. If you don’t have any idea about this exam, then exploring online portals is the best way to access all the information.

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We, Software Testing Genius, bring to you exclusive study material on Software Testing that would help you to enhance your testing skills. From our online portal, anyone can easily access information about Quick Test Professional ranging from self assessment quizzes, question papers, certification information, tutorials and a lot more. On the other hand, if you want to master the interview giving art, then you should access tips and tricks, skill test, managerial/general interviews, etc. All of our questions are basically divided into three levels – Basic, Expert & intermediate. We are also a one stop destination to get articles on management which are in latest demand. To become a highly-skilled tester, access our comprehensive study material today!

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These days, the popularity of software testing tools has increased to accomplish higher release quality, to raise up defect find rate and to detect all the bugs at the initial level. The best part about the software testing tools is that these solutions are reliable and offer more effective and productivity as per customers’ point of view. Presently, there are wide ranges of software testing tools that help all the business owners to accelerate their testing process. Some of them are HP Loadrunner, HP QTP – QuickTest Professional 11.0 and IBM Rational Functional Tester. Today, there are many companies who prefer to recruit candidates having some knowledge of such tools. So, if you want to learn these tools, then visiting numerous online portals will be the smart decision.

We, at Software Testing Genius, bring sound tutorials on automation tools for all the aspirants. Our online portal is a great destination to access information on QTP Certification and other exams. If you are going to appear in this exam, then you should attempt our multiple answer – online quiz to assess your weaknesses and strengths. By doing so, you will come to know how well your preparation level is. On the other hand, if you are preparing for ISTQB Certification exam, then you should check our ‘glossary encyclopedia’ section to know about important software testing terms.

By accessing our ‘interview questions’ section, you can easily prepare for technical and HR round. The best part is that our site is updated on the regular basis by our team of experts. So, what are you waiting for? Simply visit our website today to get access to the wonderful knowledgebase.!

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No doubt, testing is one of the great components of SDLC life cycle that ensures quality and reliability of a software. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced one, you can get a large number of opportunities in this field. If you wish to start your career as a tester, then you should be well aware of different terminologies and concepts of testing. Presently, there are numerous online blogs where you can visit to know about different terminologies and technical jargons. By browsing them, you will also come to know about testing objectives, methodologies, approaches and levels. We, at Software Testing Genius, bring for all the aspirants huge study material on Software Testing. If you’re preparing for ISTQB Certification, then you can get extensive study material from our portal.

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The prime objective of our site is to assist all the users to enhance their skills. Our site is divided into various categories such as tutorials, free e-books & presentations, templates, glossary encyclopedia, online quiz and many more. From our portal, you can easily access interview questions and prepare well to face technical person queries efficiently. By accessing our material, you can get through QTP Certification exam in an easy manner.

Our site is a one stop destination to access self assessment quizzes, tutorials, certification information, question papers etc. What’s more, we have a dedicated team to update the site with latest topics and information. So what are you waiting for? Just explore our online blog today to access comprehensive study material!

Get Exclusive Study Material on Software Testing From Online Portal

No doubt, Software testing is one of the most important parts of Software development process that ensure the quality of the product being developed. Being a vast field, it offers a large number of opportunities for the experienced people and freshers. If you want to start your career as a tester, then you must have good knowledge about various terminologies and concepts about this field. To become successful in this industry, every person must have great skills. By obtaining ISTQB Certification of foundation level, you can get a good job in top MNC without any fuss. The foundation level exam is conducted to assess the abilities of a tester. To clear this exam with good score, an aspirant should buy some books written by top authors. Besides, he or she can also browse through online portals to access the study material in an easy manner.


Software Testing Genius is a reputed online portal that brings a huge collection of study material on this certification. From our site, anyone can easily access presentations, e-books, tutorials, checklists, templates etc. in just one click. We also provide in-depth information about various topics including test cases, risk analysis, SDLC & STLC, Software development models, Software bugs among others. The best part is that we update our site on the regular basis with quality content. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, you can surely get benefited by accessing our comprehensive study material. If you want to get through QTP Certification with high score, you should download e-books from our site without any delay!

Earn the QTP Certification Before Launching New Software

Running a company sometimes needs to have a virtual aspect so that it can run smoothly. You have to look out for many things while running the organization. Sometimes you need to possess some tools that are designed for your company only so that the unique work can be done in a smooth way. Building the software, which helps you to sort your operations and crucial information is the desirable thing. If you do not have a clear idea about the technicalities then you can ask for help from the professional.

Making The Software

There are many organizations available in the market which helps you to make the software you want to implement in your system for the organizational work. But after making the special tool, it needs QTP Certification. This is about testing the software, and getting rid of the bugs. There are organizations for the people who work in building this kind of tools. It helps them to gather the knowledge about testing and contributes to learning the importance to have the certification. Earning this means the software is good to go, and can be used to the organizational purpose.

Obtaining The Certification

If you are planning to launch software, then you have to pass the test and get the ISTQB Certification. This is the standard test taken in the month of November, and you can get the certification if you pass the exam and prove your quality. So build the software, go through the quality test and earn the certificate, before making it available to the public.

Get Through QTP Certification Easily with Extensive Study Material

In today’s time, software testers are using different types of testing tools to ensure whether a software or system meets the specific requirements or not. Some of the commonly used tools are IBM Rational, LoadRunner, QTP etc. If we talk about Quick Test Professional (QTP), every developer and tester want to master on this tool in order to test and develop the application efficiently and effectively. So, if an aspirant gets this certification, then he can give a boost to his resume. Moreover, he can also have a great chance to work with a top company. However, getting through QTP Certification is not so easy as it seems to be. For this, you must have the right guidance and comprehensive study material including true or false questions, multiple choice questions etc.

We, Software Testing Genius, bring for the aspirants all the ins and outs of Software Testing at one place. From our online portal, you can easily access tutorials, free e-books, presentations, multiple answer online quiz and a lot more. Besides, if you are going to attend an interview, then you can access large question bank on HP QTP – QuickTest Pro. 11.0 to prepare well. We have launched this site with a mission to assist aspirants to enhance their quality assurance and testing skills by offering them extensive study material. Whether you are an experienced engineer or an aspirant, you will surely get benefit. Here, you can also get detailed information on flamboyant topics such as test cases, risk analysis, software development models, SDLC & STLC models etc. So, log on today to download extensive study material!