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The aim of software examining is to make sure quality software. Excellent top quality application indicates it has less problems, it performs well, and does what it needs to do. When you do software examining as part of a growth venture, you are trying to get and find all of the problems in the program before it launch to the customers.

In a perfect world, the designers will be developing software that actually performs first go, and does not have any issues. However, this is not often the case – bugs appear in the program and the Software Testing is there to choose it up. If it’s discovered before the production, that’s great. We “Software Testing Genius” are of the well known website that is dedicated to offer several testing programs.

 Our leading website offer ISTQB Certificationand offer effective programs to their learners. We help the aspirant saving great effort to search several places to dig out the knowledge and details about the wide field of application examining. Once you are on this web site, its numerous strong points are available. For more details regarding the website and different programs offered by them you can simply visit to our online portal at

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Are you planning to make your career in software testing? Well, there are plenty of candidates with software testing skills that are getting jobs in this field. On the same hand, many companies are in the expansion mode and looking for skilled candidates who are interested in pursuing a career in testing and quality assurance. If you have a passion and dedication in testing, then you can build a successful career in this field. To enter into this career, you need to qualify ISTQB certification. In addition, you need high quality study material for preparation. There are so many sources available over the web from where you can get study material for ISTQB Certification and qualify the exam.

Software Testing Genius is the reliable source to download study materials. We are here to provide Advanced Level Exams Complete Roadmap. Our site allows you to download full study material and start your preparation. We have a professional software tester who is highly trained and experienced. He is an expert of Automation Testing. He strives to deliver knowledge based on Software Testing & Quality Assurance to candidates and experienced engineers. Each Software Testing study material has tutorials, question papers, self assessment quizzes, and certification information. You can also ask for online help. Not only this, we also prepare you for the interview by providing high quality interview preparation question and full descriptive tutorials. You can contact us anytime.