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What a Testing Certification really means to you-Why to go in for ISTQB Certification

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What a Testing Certification really means to you? Why to go in for ISTQB Certification?

Two questions come to the mind quite often:

"What is so big about Software Testing Certifications?"

"Whether experienced testers without a tag of certification are not equally efficient?"

The analysis goes like this:

The certification offers evidence on the professional abilities of the software testers by the use of specially designed objective or subjective type exams designed by professional stalwarts of the testing domain.

While the opinion of James Bach (the renowned testing guru) is:

Certification exams do not measure the quality of a tester. Until they do, they merely

facilitate discriminatory hiring practices".

What a Testing Certification really means to you?

What is the value of a Testing Certification?

Certification carries different meaning & importance while viewing from different angles.

Importance to a tester:

a) It is an unquestioned certificate of mastery over the key concepts and best practices of testing.

b) It is a value-added feather in the cap

c) It helps in getting better career opportunities in the competitive markets

Importance to an organization:

a) Ensure better testing for the software application with improved quality & at lower costs

b) Helps in achieving re-usability and consistency of testing

c) Props up the image of the organization with clients getting more confidence in its results

Importance to the profession:

a) Build on the best possible work and provides best test processes

b) Define the testing profession and everything a tester ought to know

Let us try to work out the answers to following three tricky questions

Q 1. What is so great about ISTQB certification? 

Q 2. Are there any Good reasons to go in for ISTQB Certification?

Q 3. Out of two options of ISTQB & ISEB which one is preferable?

Although it is an individual perspective to choose out of different options, still I would list out my preferences in favor of ISTQB due to its distinguished approach & following factors

1) ISTQB is internationally recognized collegial, knowledge sharing organization.

2) ISTQB happens to be the first choice of multi-national companies who prefer an internationally recognized qualification.

3) ISTQB certification means – its holder has access to the essence of wisdom compiled by several stalwarts in testing like consultants, trainers, practitioners & academicians.

4) ISTQB certification recognized in over 46 countries having their own local / National Boards.

5)) For appearing in ISTQB exams the aspirant need not have any formal training.

6)) There is no need of a re-certification

7)) Focus of ISTQB lies more on practical and real-world activities related to testing

8) Syllabus of ISTQB Advanced level is built on top of ISTQB Foundation level that is adopted by ISEB as well

9) The ISTQB syllabus clearly describes the objectives of learning, so that the aspirants have great clarity on the each & aspect of the exam.

10) Multiple choice exam questions – a comfortable option for non-English speaking aspirants.

11) ISTQB provides a comprehensive career path with varied levels of certification

12) ISTQB helps in promoting the software testing profession.

13) Comfortable route to ISTQB advanced level certifications like Test Analysis, Technical Test Analysis or Test Management compared to ISEB route.

14) New ISEB Practitioner Certificates does not enjoy equivalency with ISTQB Advanced Level Testing Professional certificate. Hence ISEB Practitioner Certificate holders are unable to go in for expert level in ISTQB but instead requires a pre-requisite of ISTQB Advanced level.

For a quick understanding of different certifications - read the article titled

How to be one up on the rest of the testing community? How to chose the best certification? 

Highlights of few of the ISTQB Certification:

ISTQB Foundation Level Certification (Entry-level certification)

0+ years of experience

a) Acquiring a broad understanding of key concepts & basics of best practices in software testing

b) To build a rock solid foundation for excellent professional growth

Syllabus coverage: (Syllabus released in 2007 is the latest as on date)

a) Fundamentals of testing

b) Software development lifecycle testing

c) Static / reviewing techniques

d) White-box and black-box test case design techniques

e) Test management

f) Knowledge about various testing tools

ISTQB Middle Level Certification

Prerequisite: 5+ years of experience or 2 years experience along with Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or equivalent

a) Acquiring an understanding of key concepts & advanced best practices in software testing by committed testing professionals.

b) To further strengthen the foundation for excellent professional growth

Syllabus coverage: (Syllabus released in Oct 2007 is the latest as on date)

a) Advanced black box testing for independent tester

b) Test automation

c) Advanced white-box testing for testers and programmers

d) Complex test management concepts

ISTQB Expert Level Certification

Prerequisite: 7+ years of experience

a) Acquiring an understanding of key concepts & advanced best practices in software testing by committed testing professionals.

b) To become a seasoned testing professional leading the software testing profession

c) Acquiring consistent understanding and execution of various proven cutting edge techniques in testing

Syllabus coverage: (Expert level syllabus still under compilation)

a) Test process improvement

b) Test automation

c) Test Management

Best of Luck !!!

Happy going with every milestone of learning & getting certified

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No doubt ISTQB is the top of the range certifications for testing persons as on date. But getting the certification is also not easy.

But somehow I found this site too good in rpoviding a consolidated information. Would appreciate if you can load some good ISTQB certification related dumps as well.

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