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Tutorial-2 How do we use an anchor to locate a particular object using RFT

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Tutorial-2 How do we use an anchor to locate a particular object using RFT

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This short tutorial describes a method of using an anchor to locate a particular object in RFT.

Use of an anchor is useful in pin

pointing a test object, which normally RFT finds it difficult to differentiate between two similar objects during playback.

This happens usually when two browsers or instances of the same application are open simultaneously. We can identify the browser and the instances of the application by using a TestObject reference.

Running more than one instance of an application simultaneously during playback will result in ambiguity about the target of commands like object() or click().

To solve this problem, we can use "ProcessTestObject" when we call the "startApp" command as described below.

ProcessTestObject pto1 = startApp("ApplicationOne");

ProcessTestObject pto2 = startApp("ApplicationTwo");

object(pto1, DEFAULT).click();

In the above example, the "ProcessTestObject" functions as an anchor to locate the desired application.

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