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Online Training on HP QTP 11.0
Functional Testing v11.x Software

Best Approach to Learn the Tool From Experts
Easy way to go for HPO-M47 Certification

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We have a sound training program for teaching QTP.

Don't worry - the fee is very very nominal, since our objective is to help our Tester friends to enhance their skill on QTP with Minimum Strain on their Pockets.

Frequently asked Questions:

Q. 1: Why get Training? And What will be its Benefits?

To suit your present knowledge & caliber, We offer - "Three Convenient Packages" to learn QTP through our highly Interactive Online Training Programs.

Our training programs create a solid foundation of QTP knowledge & thereafter you can chose to go in for HP Certification by appearing in Exam HPO-M47. This will open a gateway for you to migrate from Manual Testing to Automation Testing.

There is no point in taking QTP certification by quick study of few easily available Question Answer Packs & without gaining proper knowledge of the tool. Such an exam remains just a memory test without any tangible benefit.

Q. 2: Who is going to be the Trainer?

The training on QTP shall be imparted by Mr. PK Gupta B. Tech IT - HP Certified Trainer - who had been a professional faculty on QTP Training in a leading Fortune MNC & had successfully trained several testers who have gained sufficient expertise on test automation using QTP.

Q. 3: How many students shall be trained at a time?

This is Not a training in some batch of many; rather it is a one-to-one training wherein the trainer devotes full two hours on just one individual trainee on Saturday & Sunday at a pre-decided / mutually agreeable timings.

However Cost effective Group Training can also be organized for a group of 7 Students Minimum.

Q. 4: How the training is provided?
Physical distance between the tutor & trainee has become irrelevant. During the training session through Webex / Team Viewer software, you will be able to watch each other’s PC screen in a real time environment as if getting a classroom training.

Q. 5: Will there be any Practical Lab Sessions?
The Trainer would be giving assignments at regular intervals which would be equivalent to lab sessions. Regular performance evaluation shall be carried out.

Q. 6: What calibre trainee will gain after training?

All these courses alongwith our study material will develop your skills to a level that you should be able to clear HP Certification Exam with an excellent score, you can be proud of.

Q.7: What infrastructure is expected from the Trainee?

a) I
nternet requirements: Atleast 256kbps connection. However 512kbps connection or more would be great..

b) Software requirements: QTP software under Windows environment loaded on Trainees PC.

c) Hardware requirements: Head Phone + Webcam for Video Conference if needed.
Q. 8: Is there any Demo Class?

You can request for a one hour FREE Demo Class on Saturday or Sunday
- Then decide to pay if satisfied. You can very well ask for the contact details of persons trained in the past.

What are the Training Packages?

1) Crash Course: Advanced QTP training through Mock Tests & Questions / Answer sessions.

Pre-requisites: Above Average knowledge of QTP + Preferably an experience of one year or more of working on QTP.

Duration: 15 - 20 Hrs.: Spread over 4 weeks (Saturdays + Sundays)

2) Regular Course: Basic + Advanced QTP training through Mock Tests & Questions / Answer sessions.

Pre-requisites: Average knowledge of QTP + Preferably an experience of less than one year of working on QTP.

Duration: 30 - 35 Hrs.: Spread over 6 weeks (Saturdays + Sundays)

3) Combo Course: Covers detailed explanation right from the QTP basics + advanced QTP training through mock tests & Questions / Answer sessions.
Pre-requisites: Meant for beginners having preliminary knowledge of the basics of QTP + Preferably some experience of working on QTP.
Duration: 40 - 45 Hrs.: Spread over 8 weeks (Saturdays + Sundays)

Syllabus for the Combo Course:

Key Attraction: You will learn – How to Create an Automation Framework yourself

Brief Content to be covered:

1) Introduction To Automation
2) How to decide as whether to Automate, or not
3) Explanation of Fundamentals of QTP
4) Explanation of Objects?
5) Concepts of Object Repository
6) Explanation of Ordinal Identifiers
7) Check Points and their types
8) Recording and creating a simple script
9) Using Regular Expressions in checkpoints
10) Writing Custom Checkpoints
11) Reporting a step with reporter events
12) Explanation of actions
13) Explanation of Parameters
14) Explanation of Environment Variables
15) Using Global and local data sheets
16) How to create action library and driver scripts?
17) Advanced QTP
18) What are Automation Frameworks & how to create
19) Debugging QTP Scripts
20) Virtual Objects and Low Level recording
21) Introduction to VBScript and Working in expert view
22) User defined and Built-In functions in QTP
23) Adding Synchronization Points
24) Adding Transactions
25) Introducing the third ordinal identifier
26) Descriptive Programming
27) Creation of recovery scenarios
28) Associate a recovery scenario with a test
29) Questions and Answers during every session
30) Assignments during every session

Fee Structure of All Training Courses

Schedule of Training: Training slot can be booked after discussions with the faculty in view of the present ongoing training classes. 

For more information & clarification, if any, please feel free to write back. to us at

Best of Luck !!!!! Friends