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Tips for Success in a Job Interview especially for Software Testers

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Tips for Success in a Job Interview especially for Software Testers

Following guidelines in the form of short questions will help you in making a graceful presentation in an interview for a position in Software Testing & Quality Assurance or may be any other one.

Psychologists have observed that around 93% of total communication in an interview remain nonverbal. Usually HR Managers & other Interviewers form an impression about the suitability of a candidate at their first glance at him/her & during first five minutes of interaction. During rest of the period they try to validate the correctness of such impression gathered in the beginning.

Hence first few minutes are crucially important for leaving a positive impression on the Interviewers.

Q.1: What topics should you prepare for an entry-level job in testing?

Try to prepare the following topics.

1) Fundamentals of Testing: Brush up the testing terminology & definitions


2) Testing Processes: Brush up your knowledge on life cycle testing etc. and testing processes used in your present / previous company.

3) Testing tools: If a problem is given, you should be able to describe the methodology to solve them using different type testing tools or any particular tool that you are familiar with.

4) Testing deliverables: Ability to demonstrate writing of test plan or test case for a given product or requirements

5) Analytical skills: Try to develop ability to quickly solve different types of puzzles.

Plenty of Free Puzzles are available here for you to practice

6) Programming skills: Although this is optional skill, but it is better if you can write pseudo code for some given problem.

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Q.2: What dress code should you use while going for the interview?

Although your dress for the interview is not everything, but a nice dress certainly helps you in leaving a good impression on the interviewer from the beginning itself. The color of your dress provides certain impression on the interviewer, may be at his subconscious level, but that canít be ignored.

For men, businesses suit or a two-piece suit in neutral colors like navy blue, black or dark gray is good. Avoid a blazer over different color pants. Choose an appropriate and matching tie.

For women, business suit or some tailored business outfit in conservative colors according to the time of the year is good.

Remember that it's better to overdress compared to being under dressed. A business suit whether you're male or female is best for a professional position to present a great first impression.

If you have difficulty in deciding what to wear, ask someone you know who can guide you with a proper advice.

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Q.3: What is the importance of footwear you use while going for an interview?

Remember that your shoes are equally important. Ensure that your shoes are nicely shining and are clean.

It is worse to wear a decent suit but forgetting the importance of things below the ankles. This is applicable to your socks as well. White socks with dress shoes are the worst for situations like interview.

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Q.4: What should you pack in my resume? And how much should be its size?

a) Ensure that whatever is written in your resume, must be known to you thoroughly.

b) Try to keep it small, it should not be longer than 2 to 3 pages.

c) One of the main reasons of your rejection can be something written in your resume and you fumble on questions about it. You canít afford to say like - "I have done that long back but I donít remember it now".

It is possible that you might have used a tool a year ago and you donít remember much about it now, in such a case brush up at least some basics of it, before attending the interview.

Alternatively donít mention it in the resume, if it is not much important. But if it is important, then make sure that you do some home work and prepare yourself to talk about it.

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Q.5: What should you carry in your briefcase while going for an interview?

Following checklist will help you decide what should you carry to the interview.

a) Your Resume and /Professional References: But donít just throw these crucial documents in your briefcase. Try to carry an inexpensive two-pocket folder in blue, since blue color appeals to both men and women and conveys a business feel.

You can keep your resume on the left side, and your letters of recommendation and reference list on the right.

"This is a sign you are open and honest as well as organized," Stein says. "The more you show you are prepared, the more you are showing respect."

b) A decent Notepad and Pen: Taking a few notes during your interview is another sign of respect. "It makes them feel that you are listening." However be careful not to stare at your notepad the whole time.

c) Visiting Card: Carry a visiting card, if possible. Psychologists say that people take the information either visually, audibly or through touch. "The more you give them to touch, the more real it seems to them." A visiting card certainly makes a good business like impression..

d) Mobile Phone:
If you have to carry this gadget due to some reason or the other, make sure that it is kept off and in your briefcase. Itís a great disrespect to be interrupted during an interview.

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Q.6: Some of the common but extremely important tips.

a) Right skills for the job: Go for the interview, only if you have the right skills for the job. If you have the right skills try your best to demonstrate the same to interviewer that you have the right skills.

b) Demonstrate your confidence: Watch your body language, maintain an eye contact, donít be over confidant Ė rather remain confident.

c) Listening abilities: Be a good listener. Try to listen carefully every word coming from the interviewer in the first say. Never try to interrupt the interviewer while he/she is saying something. Even if you get a strong impulse to reply immediately in support of your point, have restraint & speak only when interviewer has finished his/her point.

d) Importance of Hygiene: Maintain good Hygiene. Good hygiene is very important. It's best to avoid strong smelling cologne or perfume on the day of an interview. Gentlemen attending an interview should never forget to shave, unless you have grown a decent beard.

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