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Terms and Conditions for Online Training on HP QTP 11.0
QuickTest Professional Software

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Please read the following terms and conditions before purchasing any of the training courses offered by

By using our training services, you indicate your agreement by stating that:

I have read the training brochure & am satisfied with the quality of training as demonstrated to me by the tutor during a free demo class and I agree with the following terms of the course.

1) Refund Policy:

Once a user purchases a Course / Curriculum / Package from, the sale is final. No refunds or exchange of courses is allowed under any circumstances.

2) Transfer Policy:

Once a user purchases a Course / Curriculum / Package from, he/she gets an automatic enrolment as a student and the decided training course can not be transferred to any other individual in his/her place.

3) Suspension of Course:

Once a user becomes a student for any of the training Course / Curriculum / Package, the student shall not be allowed to make any requests for suspending the training course for a period beyond 2 weeks. However short adjustment of timings of the training as per mutual convenience of the tutor & the student are acceptable.

QTP 11.0 Training Brochure

Fee Structure of All Training Courses

For more information & clarification, if any, please feel free to write back. to us at

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