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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 1 to 10

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Skill Test-A must for Team Leads and QA Managers-Q 1 to 10

This Question Bank contains highly challenging Objective Type questions especially designed for QA Managers / Software Project Managers / Team Leads; who can review their skills & knowledge pertaining to specialized areas in QA / Software Testing

(Questions, solution or answers of which must be known to each & every Software QA Manager)

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 1: An effective test implementation strategy includes:

A. Historical data from past test strategies.
B. Defined entry and exit criteria for each iteration or level of testing planned.
C. Execution of a consistent set of test cases for each iteration.
D. Executing the shortest tests first in order to get a quick return on investment.

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Q. 2: Which type of commercial test tool has functions that would be very difficult to replicate?

A. Manual test tools and GUI automation test tools.
B. GUI automation test tools and automated performance test tools.
C. Manual test tools and automated performance test tools.
D. Manual test tools and test management tools.

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Q. 3: One of a tester core activities is:

A. Prototyping.
B. Design.
C. Demonstration.
D. Tools evaluation.

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Q. 4: To turn raw test data into useful information, the tester should:

A. Relate it to a risk.
B. Annotate it.
C. Prioritize it.
D. Include it in an improvement loop.

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Q. 5: A team plans to introduce a significant amount of GUI automation to its test effort. The cost of introduction must be spread across several product releases. A tester in this team should adopt the following approach when introducing automation:

A. Waterfall.
B. Incremental.
C. Comprehensive.
D. Outside-in.

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Q. 6: A tester should include the following as part of the risk analysis strategy:

A. Determining the impact.
B. Determining the impact and prioritizing the features.
C. Determining the impact, prioritizing the features, and considering mitigation.
D. Determining the impact, prioritizing the features, considering mitigation, and reporting all high-risk defects as soon as possible.

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Q. 7: The tester primary responsibility is to verify that the behavior of the application being tested conforms to:

A. Management directives.
B. Design team meeting minutes.
C. Requirements.
D. Nonfunctional application specifications.

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Q. 8: In a side-effect attack, a malicious hacker:

A. Obtains confidential information through normal system operation.
B. Obtains confidential information through an unauthorized path through the system.
C. Exposes a back door alternative path through the system so that information may be obtained.
D. Exposes an alternative path which, when executed, exposes a dangerous side effect.

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Q. 9: The following type of testing requires the test environment most closely resembling the environment at the customer site:

A. Functional test.
B. Unit test.
C. System verification testing.
D. Static testing.

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Q. 10: Effective test planning involves:

A. Estimating required assets and resources, and specifying how they will be acquired.

B. Developing test cases before developing the test plan, then linking the test plan to the appropriate test cases.

C. Writing separate and independent test plan documents for manual and automated testing.

D. Creating a non-editable copy of the test plan, such as a PDF, to make sure that the plan does not get altered during an iteration.

Correct Answer of the above Questions

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