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Presentations cum Tutorials on QTP-QuickTest Professional

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Presentations cum Tutorials on QTP - QuickTest Professional

Following Presentations are a sort of Tutorials meant for deeper understanding of various concepts. What you may read from a good book on testing, has been expertly explained through presentations. 

The Presentations are available for Free Download on to your PC.

Just Click on the link of your desired format & the download shall start in the background & the downloaded file shall open automatically.

Please have patience, since download may take some time depending upon the speed of your Internet Connection.

Available Formats are (*.pdf ) Openable in Acrobat Reader & (*.ppt) openable in MS Powerpoint software.

Presentations on HP QTP:

sans-serif">1) How to Implement Test with Keyword Driven Methodology in QTP
.pdf (331 Kb)  ; .ppt (477.50 Kb)

2) Understanding of Automation Framework
.pdf (232 Kb)  ; .ppt (287 Kb)

3) Techniques of Software Verification and Validation
.pdf (570 Kb)  ; .ppt (945 Kb)

4) Explanation of VBScripts for use in QuickTest Professional
.pdf (71 Kb)  

5) Simplified Steps to Learn Quicktest Professional
.pdf (1.46 Mb) 

6) An Introduction to HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)
  .ppt (2.30 Mb)

7) Learn Test Automation & Start Using HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)
  .ppt (790 Kb)

8) Learn HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 (Part-1)
  .ppt (772 Kb)

9) Learn HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 (Part-2)
  .ppt (1.36 Mb)

10) Insight to Learn HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 - An Advanced Guide
  .ppt (1.54 Mb)

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