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Major Functional Testing Tools

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Major Functional Testing Tools - Part - 1 of 3 

Some of the Major Functional testing tools are listed in alphabetical order below.

If any one knows any other tool as well, please send details to us, so as to enable us to include the same in this list.

1) .Test from 

Brief Introduction: It is a Unit-testing tool, which automatically tests the classes written on Microsoft's .NET Framework. Developers do not require writing any test scenario or stub.

2) Abbot Java GUI Test Framework : from

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Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool. It provides automated event generation and validation of Java GUI components, improving upon the very rudimentary functions provided by the java.awt.Robot class.The framework may be invoked directly from Java code or accessed without programming through the use of scripts. It is suitable for use both by developers for unit tests and QA for functional testing.

3) Aberro Soft: from

Brief Introduction: It is a functional testing and verification tool, which works on the level of user interface.

4) actiWATE: from

Brief Introduction: It is an open source for web application testing environment. It is based on Java.

5) AETG Web: From

Brief Introduction: It is a Test Case Generation tool from Telcordia Efficient Test Case Generation Service, which was known as AETG Web earlier. AETG stands for "Automatic Efficient Test Generation" system. It uses powerful algorithms & design techniques to create minimum number of tests to cover all interactions among the input values.

6) Anteater: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source testing framework designed around Ant, from the Apache Jakarta Project. It provides an easy way to write tests for checking the functionality of a Web application or of an XML Web service.

Basic Requirement: OS Independent

7) Arbiter: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source document based acceptance-testing tool. Similar to FIT in goal. Manages requirements documents in Word or RTF format that are created jointly by customer and developer. Requirements are parsed to extract a glossary and test suite.

8) Automated Test Designer : From

Brief Introduction: It is a Tool for creating Test Cases based on Functional Requirements. It can be used by all project team members in a collaborative environment and can handle complex requirements.

9) Avignon Acceptance Testing System : From

Brief Introduction: It is a Tool, which write executable tests in the language which we define. It uses XML to define the syntax of the language. However we can extend the language according to the semantics of the tests.

10) Badboy: From

Brief Introduction: It is a freeware tool for testing dynamic applications. It provides an enhanced browser interface. It offers a combination of capture / replay facility. It has good ability of performance testing and diagnostic features to help developers in monitoring and understanding the interactions between the browser and the server.

11) Canoo WebTest: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool used for functional testing of web pages. It is a testing framework built on top of HttpUnit. It allows tests to be defined in XML as Ant targets.

Basic Requirement: JDK 1.2 and ANT v1.3

12) CAPBAK / X, CAPBAK / MSW : From

Brief Introduction: It is a Capture / Playback Tool system . It allows us to record the mouse movements, keyboard activities, widget calls and verification information for use into the test scripts. It uses completely editable and programmable C scripts. It uses a realistic Load Generation engine built-in which handles all types of GUI testing like Local, Client/Server, Remote, Host/target.

Basic Requirement: X or Microsoft Windows

13) Certify: From

Brief Introduction:
It is a tool independent of platform, which allows development of tests without programming for Web, client/server and mainframe applications.

14) Citra Test: From

Brief Introduction: It is an automated testing tool suitable for all Citrix Environments

15) DejaGnu: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source framework for testing applications such as Tcl, C, C++, Java and network applications and cross testing of embedded systems. Its purpose is to provide a single front end for all tests. Think of it as a custom library of Tcl procedures crafted to support writing a test harness.

Basic Requirement: MacOS, Windows, POSIX

16) Doit: Simple Web Application Testing: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source-scripting tool for testing web applications, which use forms. Doit can generate random or sequenced form fill-in information, report results (into a database, file, or stdout), filter HTML results, and compare results to previous results, without having to manually use a web browser. It uses a console-based web client tool (like Curl or Wget) to send and receive HTTP requests and responses respectively.

Basic Requirement: Perl 5 or greater and the appropriate Perl modules (detailed in Doit manual) installed on the system before we can use SPL.

17) Eggplant: From

Brief Introduction: It is an automated testing tool, which can test and automate the processes on virtually any platform. Leveraging open source VNC server software, Eggplant achieves platform independence. It has the capability of seeing the remote screen and acting as a virtual user to generate and run the test scripts and to automate the tasks on the remote machine.

Basic Requirement: MacOSX

18) Enterprise Web Test: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool. It allows Java programmers to write re-usable tests for web applications that, unlike HttpUnit, "drive" the actual web browser on the actual platform they intend to support. Tests can be leveraged for functional, stress, reliability.

Basic Requirement: Microsoft, OS Independent, Linux

19) eValid: From

Brief Introduction: It is a multi purpose tool having test enabled Web Browser. It offers Browser-Based Website quality checking facility for Functional Testing, Load Testing, Site Analysis, Performance checking and Webpage tuning at client side.

20) Guitar: From

Brief Introduction: It is a free test case generation tool, which uses a new technology of event-flow graphs. Expected responses are generated with the help of Pre / post conditions. It evaluates the coverage - events and code.

21) Harness: From

Brief Introduction: An open source Java API for creating Java test software

22) Haven: From

Brief Introduction: It is an automated acceptance-testing tool for testing applications with parallel execution in multiple environments. It uses JUnit based tests, hence we can use JUnit enabled IDE while writing, debugging and running the acceptance tests. Its testing process is defined using Apache Ant. It can be used to test as many products as per need. It can simultaneously test all the branches of the product.

23) Holodeck: From

Brief Introduction: It is a fault simulation tool, which can simulate real-world applications and system errors. This helps testers and developers in analyzing and debugging the error-handling code in a controlled & repeatable environment.

24) HTTP::Recorder: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source recording tool which independent of the Browser. It can record interactions with web sites and produces scripts for automated playback.

25) ieUnit: From

Brief Introduction: It is a framework for testing the logical behaviors of web pages. It helps users to create, organize and execute functional unit tests.

Basic Requirements : JavaScript for the Windows XP platform with Internet Explorer.

26) Imprimatur : From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool for testing the web applications. It facilitates describing tests in a simple XML file. It can handle standard GET and POST actions, HTTP sessions and file uploads. The responses can be validated with the help of regular expressions and response code checks.

27) iRise Application Simulator: From

Brief Introduction: It is a tool meant for Web-based business applications. It helps in defining, testing and doing approval of the software well before the development of the code. It helps users in validating all requirements from a virtually accurate, functionally interactive simulation of the application which can be modified randomly during the feedback sessions.

28) ITP: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool. It is a lightweight, yet powerful web application test harness. Test scripts written in XML. No programming required and no changes required to your web application. Supports sessions/cookies, POST form data. Command line based for integration into other tools. Also useful for regression and smoke testing

29) ivalidator: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source regression-testing framework written in java but it is by no means restricted to java testing only. Test suites are declared in XML. Especially designed for complex testing scenarios and integration testing.

Basic Requirement: JDK 1.3

30) Jemmy: From

Brief Introduction: It is an open source tool allowing us to create automated tests for Java GUI applications. Tests are written on Java, using Jemmy as a regular Java library. No recording (yet), no GUI, no XML, no bells and whistles - all the work being done in Jemmy is dedicated to test stability, so it could be used for big, complicated and "dynamic" Java GUI applications.

Basic Requirement: Java 1.2 or above

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