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LoadRunner HPO-M49 Certification-Review your Skills-Q 1 to 10

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LoadRunner HPO-M49 Certification-Review your Skills: Q. 1 to 10

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on LoadRunner VuGen Module under the Series

(Quickly Review Your LoadRunner Skills before appearing for HP Certification Exam)

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 1: What is the output of the following code snippet?
int i = 10;
lr_output_message (answer is: %d --i);

A. Answer is: 1
B. Answer is: 9
C. Answer is: 10
D. The code snippet is invalid.


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Q. 2: What is the recommended Logging Run-time setting when playing back a script prior to manual correlation?

A. Standard
B. Disable Logging
C. Extended -> Parameter Substitution
D. Extended -> Data Returned by Server

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Q. 3: You want to apply Script A Run-time settings, parameters, extra files, and actions to Script B. How can this be accomplished?

A. Save Script A script as a template, then apply the template to Script B

B. Export Script A settings to a .cor file, then import the settings to Script B

C. Select the option to create a new Vuser script from, then, select Script A

D. Copy the .ext file located in Script A main directory to Script B main directory

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Q. 4: Which type of parameter can use the parameter simulation?

A. File
B. Date/Time
C. Unique Number
D. Random Number

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Q. 5: What is the common function used to display messages in the Replay Log?

A. lr_eval_string
B. lr_save_string
C. lr_set_debug_level
D. lr_output_message

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Q. 6: Which VuGen view guides you through the steps in script creation?

A. Tree view
B. Task view
C. Script view
D. Thumbnail view

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Q. 7: What will happen when you set the animated run delay to 5,000 milliseconds?

A. When replaying the script, the Run-time Viewer will pause for 5 seconds when an error has occurred.

B. When replaying the script, the Replay Log will only display the last 5 seconds of logging information.

C. When the script is replayed, the Run-time Viewer will display 5 seconds behind the current line being executed.

D. When replaying the script, a line will execute, pause for 5 seconds, execute the next line of code, pause for 5 seconds, and so on.

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Q. 8: When performing a manual correlation, where do you search for the dynamic value?

A. Script view
B. Recording Log
C. Tree view -> Client Request
D. Tree view -> Server Response

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Q. 9: Which type of script is a lower level that records in Analog mode when using the web protocol in VuGen?

D. Winsock

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Q. 10: What is the programming term for a series of statements grouped together to perform a specific task?

A. Variable
B. Function
C. Operator
D. Constant
E. Statement
F. Consistent

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