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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam-Scenario Based Sample Questions-Q 21 to 30

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam – Scenario Based Sample Questions: Q. 21 to 30

Deep study of this set of 53 questions out of which majority of them are scenario based & shall be of great help in getting success in ISTQB CTAL Advanced Level Test Analyst Exam.

All these questions are based upon the latest ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level Syllabus V 2007.

Set of 10 Questions (Q. 21 to 30)

Correct Answers of earlier Q. 11 to 20 are at the end of this page:

Q. 21: In a module of code you are testing, you are presented with the following if() statement. A number of tests are given in the form of 3-tuples, where A will get the first value, B will get the

second value, C will get the third.

Which test must be added to achieve full AICIDC coverage?

if ((A && B) || C) {
Execute some statements;
Else {
Execute some statements;

Test 1:(F,F,T)
Test 2:(F,F,F)

A. (F, T, F)
B. (T. F, T)
C. (T, F, F)
D. (T, T, F)

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Q. 22: The following code snippet reads through a file and determines whether the numbers contained are prime or not.

1 Read (Val);
2 While NOT End of File Do
3 Prime : = TRUE;
4 For Holder := 2 TO Val DIV 2 Do
5 if Val - (Val DIV Holder) * Holder = 0 Then
6 Write (Holder, ‘ is a factor of ‘ , Val);
7 Prime := FALSE;
8 Endif;
9 Endfor;
10 If Prime = TRUE Then
11 Write (Val , ' is prime');
12 Endif;
13 Read (Val);
14 Endwhile;
15 Write('End of program')

Which of the following 3-tuple represents a valid LCSAJ?

A. (1,2,14)
B. (2,2,14)
C. (2,4,10)
D. (5,10,12)

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Q. 23: The following code snippet reads through a file and determines whether the numbers contained are prime or not.

1 Read (Val);
2 While NOT End of File Do
3 Prime := TRUE;
4 For Holder := 2 TO Val DIV 2 Do
5 if Val - (Val DIV Holder) * Holder= 0 Then
6 Write (Holder, ‘ is a factor of ‘, Val);
7 Prime := FALSE;
8 Endif;
9 Endfor;
10 if Prime = TRUE Then
11 Write (Val, ‘ is prime’);
12 Endif;
13 Read (Val);
14 Endwhile;
15 Write ('End of run)

Calculate the cyclomatic complexity of the code.

A. 3
B. 5
C. 7
D. 9

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Q. 24: The QA group has spent the last month mining the defect tracking system looking for all of the failures that had been reported, not only in testing but in production. The output of this research has been turned over to the test group for use in the next software release. The use of this information for testing would represent which of the following test design techniques?

A. Taxonomy based
B. Error guessing
C. Checklist based
D. Exploratory

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Q. 25: Your test consists of starting up a huge number of applications to load both existing RAM and virtual memory to capacity. You then will proceed to execute a number of scenarios using the application under test. What kind of testing are you most likely doing?

A. Charter-based exploratory testing
B. Error guessing
C. Structure-based testing
D. Software attack-based testing

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Q. 26: Consider the following code snippet:

1. #include
2. #include
3. #include
4. int main ( )
5. {
7. HINTERNET initialize,Connection,File;
8. DWORD dwBytes;
9. char ch;
10. Connection = InternetConnect(Initialize,"",
14. File = HttpOpenRequest(Connection,NULL,"/index.html",
15. NULL,NULL,NULL,0,0);
17. if (HttpSendRequest (File,NULL,0, NULL,0))
18. {
19. while(InternetReadFile(File,&ch,1,&dwBytes))
20. {
21. if(dwBytes != 1)break;
22. putchar(ch);
23. }
24. }
25. InternetCloseHandle (File);
26. InternetCloseHandle (Connnection);
27. InternetCloseHandle (Initialize);
28. return 0;
29. }

With regards to the variable Connection and looking at lines 10 through 14, what kind of data-flow pattern do we have?

A. du
B. ud
C. dk
D. There is no defined data-flow pattern there.

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Q. 27: Which of these data-flow coverage metrics is the strongest of the four listed?

A. All-P uses
B. All-C uses
C. All Defs
D. All DU paths

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Q. 28: Given the following integration call-graph, and using McCabe’s cyclomatic complexity theory, how many basis paths are there to test?

A. 12
B. 10
C. 13
D. 14

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Q. 29: Consider the following list:

I. Memory loss due to wild pointers
II. Profiling performance characteristics of a system
III. Failure to initialize a local variable
IV. Argument error in a Windows 32 API call
V. Incorrect use of equality operator in a predicate
VI. Failure to place a break in a switch statement
VII. Finding dead code

Which of these are most likely to be found through the use of a dynamic analysis tool?

A. I, III, IV and VII
B. I, II, III, IV, and VI
C. I, II, and IV
D. II, IV; and V

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Sample Questions in context of ISTQB Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Exam Syllabus - Chapter 5: Tests of Software Characteristics

Q. 30: You have been asked to research testing interoperability on the system currently under development. It consists of a number of COTS packages that will be used to process insurance payments through a number of existing systems. Which of the following capabilities are you likely to be trying to test?

A. Validating the methods used to manipulate the data used by the system
B. The computational accuracy of each individual stage
C. Ability of the software to self-configure communications
D. Ability of users to achieve specified goals using all of the modules

Correct Answers of the above Questions

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