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IBM RFT Certification Skill Review Test-Q 1 to 10

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IBM RFT Certification Skill Review Test: Q. 1 to 10

Objective Type / Multiple Choice Questions on RFT Rational Functional Tester for Java under the Series

(Quickly Review your skills before appearing for RFT Certification Exam IBM 000-842)

Set of 10 Questions

Q. 1: When you set break points, why does the script not stop at the break points and switch over to the debug perspective?

A. This is a known eclipse bug in version 6.1 and has been corrected in the latest release or last interim fix

B. The break point has already been recognized by the JVM and the break point needs to be toggled

C. Either the icon or debug functional tester script was not invoked or the shift + F11 menu option was not invoked

D. The debug perspective is not listed as an available perspective when trying to debug a script


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Q. 2: What should the tester do to open the comparator in an HTML log after the test has been played back?

A. Select View > Failures from the menu
B. Click the View Results link in the test log
C. Nothing, because the comparator open automatically
D. Select Open > Comparator from the menu

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Q. 3: How do you start the application under test?

A. Use the Windows Start menu
B. Simply begin recording
C. Open a command line and start the application by typing its name
D. Click the Start Application button on the recording toolbar

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Q. 4: You must _____ a script with a datapool before substituting literal values in the script with references to datapool variables.

A. Share
B. Associate
C. Run
D. Disassociate

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Q. 5: What is one way to insert data-driven commands into the test script?

A. Use the Insert Data Driven Commands button while recording
B. Use the Insert Data Driven Commands button while executing
C. The commands are generated automatically while importing the datapool
D. Use the super helper class after recording

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Q. 6: Which three statements are true about HelperSuper classes? (Choose three.)

A. Scripts can share Helper Superclasses.
B. Scripts cannot share Helper Superclasses.
C. Scripts can inherit from multiple Helper Superclasses.
D. Scripts can inherit from a Helper Superclass that resides in a .jar file.

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Q. 7: Given the following:

ProcessTestObject pid = startApp("ClassicsJavaA");

What are two valid methods one can call with a ProcessTestObject?

(Choose two.)

A. pid.duplicate()
B. pid.kill()
C. OK(pid).click()
D. pid.find(atDescendant("value", "OK"))
E. pid.getObjects();

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Q. 8: What is the effect the Clear State on Close setting in the Object Map interface when you exit the object map?

A. All new test objects will be accepted by removing the "New" designation from the test object.

B. All new test objects will be accepted by changing the New designation to Accepted for the test object.

C. All unused test objects will be removed from the map.

D. All test objects that have not been accepted will continue to have a designation of "New."

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Q. 9: How many default Java environments can you have within one configuration of Rational Functional Tester?

A. One for each instance of the application under test
B. As many default Java environments as are needed to do testing
C. You can change the java environments dynamically when testing different applications.
D. Only one

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Q. 10: A recording is started by:

A. Entering script_record on the command line
B. Creating a script and then pressing the record button in the RFT application
C. Starting the application under test
D. Starting RFT

Correct Answer to the above Questions

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