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HP LoadRunner Vugen Questions Bank-Q 1 to 10

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HP LoadRunner VuGen Questions Bank: Q. 1 to 10

Learn "VuGen" Module of HP – LoadRunner through FAQ’s:

Q. 1: What is the basic purpose of HP LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is a tool for performance testing, which stresses the complete software application to isolate and identify potential client, network, and server bottlenecks.

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Q. 2: What is Virtual User Generator or VuGen when talking about LoadRunner?


When testing or monitoring an environment, we need to emulate the true behavior of various users on the system. The testing tools like Loadrunner emulate an environment in which users concurrently work on the system.

For doing such an emulation, the human being is replaced with a virtual user - called a Vuser. All the actions performed by Vusers are recorded in a Vuser script. The basic tool for creating Vuser scripts is the Virtual User Generator called VuGen.

These scripts help us in emulating real-life situations of user performing various business processes.

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Q. 3: What is the purpose of HP Performance Center?

Performance Center operates in conjunction with LoadRunner & implements the capabilities of LoadRunner on an enterprise level.

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Q. 4: What actions are performed by VuGen during recording?

During recording VuGen monitors the client end of the database and traces all the requests sent by the user and received from the user, to the server. It records all the actions performed by us during the recording session and records only the activity between the client and the server.

VuGen automatically generates functions that accurately model and emulate the real world situations.

Duiring recording of a Vuser script, VuGen generates various functions which define the actions that we perform during the recording session. VuGen inserts these functions into the VuGen editor to create a basic Vuser script.

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Q. 5: How a Vuser script enables running of large number of Vusers during the playback?

During playback, Vuser scripts communicate directly with the server by executing calls to the server API.

When a Vuser communicates directly with a server, system resources are not required for the client interface. This lets us run a large number of Vusers simultaneously on a single workstation, and enables us to use only a few testing machines to emulate large server loads.

For example, we can observe how a server behaved when one thousand Vusers simultaneously withdrew cash from a bank’s ATM.

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Q. 6: What are the advantages of creating Vusers?

1) Since Vuser scripts do not depend on client software, we can use Vusers to check server performance even before the user interface of the client software has been fully developed.

2) With the help of VuGen, we can run scripts as standalone tests.

3) Running scripts through VuGen is useful for debugging since it enables us to see how a Vuser will behave and which enhancements need to be made.

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Q. 7: What are the advantages of VuGen?

VuGen enables us to record a variety of Vuser types, each suited to a particular load testing environment or topology. When we open a new test, VuGen displays a complete list of the supported protocols.

VuGen not only records Vuser scripts, but also runs them. Running scripts from VuGen is useful for debugging. It enables us to emulate how a Vuser script will run when executed as part of a larger test.

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Q. 8: What are the Steps of Creating Vuser Scripts?

Following steps are used for creating a Vuser script:

1) Recording a basic script using VuGen: For testing Windows-based GUI applications or complex Web environments like applets and Flash, we need to use GUI-based tools like HP QuickTest Professional.

2) Enhancing the basic script: By adding control-flow statements and other LoadRunner API functions into the script.

3) Configuring the run-time settings: Settings like iteration, log, and timing information need to be configured, and Vuser behavior needs to be defined during a script run.

4) Verifying the script’s functionality: By running it in standalone mode.

5) Integrating the Vuser script: After verification that the script is functional, it is integrated into our environment

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Q. 9: What platforms are supported by VuGen?

VuGen records sessions on Windows platforms only.

However, a recorded Vuser script can run on both Windows as well as UNIX platform.

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Q. 10: What Environment Options are available for setting up VuGen?

VuGen working environment can be set up by configuring following options:

1) Auto Recovery Option: For restoring our script’s settings in the event of a crash or power outage. For allowing auto recovery, we can specify a desired time interval between the saves in minutes. By default, Auto Recovery is set to 10 seconds.

2) Editor Option: For selecting a particular font and enable VuGen’s Intellisense capabilities which automatically fill in words and function syntax.

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