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HP Brings New Certification Exams for QTP 11.0 and QC 11.0 from July 2011
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HP Brings New Certification Exams for QTP 11.0 and QC 11.0 from July 2011

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HP Brings New Certification Exams for QTP 11.0 & QC 11.0 from July 2011

HP has phased out the AIS - HP Quality Center v10 certification from 01 July 2011.

Let us see a quick comparison as to what was the situation earlier versus what is now.


 What was Earlier?

What is available Now?


AIS - HP Quality

Center certification used to be awarded after clearing two exams like
1) QTP 10.0
2) QC 10.0

HP AIS certification is now being awarded upon clearing just a single exam either focussing on 1) QTP 11.0
2) Quality Center 11.0.


HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 Software (Exam Code: HP0-M39)

HP Functional Testing 11.x software (Exam Code: HP0-M47)

Short name - FTv11


HP Quality Center 10.0 Software (Exam Code: HP0-M31)

HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.x Software (Exam Code: HP0-M46)

Short name - ALM v11


Certification exams had been active till 31st July 2011

Certification exams are active from 15th May 2011

Summary of New Certifications:

HP AIS (Accredited Integration Specialist) certification is now being awarded upon clearing just a single exam focussing either on QTP 11.0 or Quality Center 11.0.

For getting AIS HP certifications, following two independent paths are available now.

1) For aspirants willing to get certification focussing on QTP 11.0 – the available exam is HPO-M47 (Functional Testing 11.x software).

2) For aspirants willing to get certification focussing on QC 11.0 – the available exam is HPO-M46 (HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.x Software).

A) Highlights of New QTP 11.0 Exam: New exam HP0-M47 replaces old HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 exam HP0-M39.

a) The new certification is now being called HP AIS – Functional Testing v11

b) Exam details:

# Number of Questions: 72
# Type of Question: multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and point and click
# Exam time: 105 minutes
# Passing score: 75%

The following testing objectives represent the specific areas of content covered in the exam.

The exam HPO-M47 measures the candidates understanding of these areas.

Coverage %

 Sections / Objectives


Automated test planning

# Plan for general testing and automation.
# Plan for QTP testing.
# Identify and describe features and settings.
# Explain QTP licensing and packaging.


Basic test creation and how QTP works with objects
# Create the basic test.
# Explain how QTP works with objects.
# Add steps without recording.
# Explain the purpose and operation of Smart Identification feature.


Basic test verification and enhancement

# Add standard and custom verification points.
# Enhance tests with parameters.
# Add custom checkpoints.
# Add database checkpoints.
# Add bitmap checkpoints.
# View test results.


Modular automated test builds

# Explain how to build modular QTP tests with Actions.
# I Use a Shared Object Repository.


QTP and ALM integration

# Explain the QTP/ALM connection.
# Define ALM management of QTP resources.
# Explain versioning features in QTP


Automated test troubleshooting

# Troubleshoot Object Recognition problems.
# Use Recovery scenarios.
# Use the Debugging Tool.
# Measure System Performance.
# Configure log tracking.


Advanced QTP Scripting

# Import and export Excel sheets.
# Get and set object properties.
# Identify descriptive programming to bypass repository.


Expert View

# Describe Expert View features.
# Describe dynamic object programming.
# Identify and describe VBScript elements.


Web applications

# Recognize Web Add-in Extensibility.
# Describe Web event recording use and configuration.
# Identify new web testing capabilities.

New Features of QuickTest Professional

# Visual Relation Identification

# Log Tracking

# Improved Regular Expressions

# New Results Viewer

# GUI and GUI-Less Testing

# Loading Function Libraries at Run-Time

B) Highlights of New QC 11.0 Exam: New exam HP0-M46 replaces old HP Quality Center 10.0 exam HP0-M31

The new certification is now being called HP AIS – Application Lifecycle Management v11 known by an abbreviation ALM v11.

HP Application Lifecycle Management provides a centralized platform for managing and automating the application lifecycle, from inception to retirement. It empowers application teams to plan, build and release better-quality applications with fewer delays.

New Features of QC / ALM v11


 New Features



Project Planning & Tracking

# Track & measure project milestones and KPIs
# Release Milestones & KPIs

# Master Plan

# Scorecard

# Dashboard


Requirements Management enhancements

# Business Process Model -INTEGRATION

# New Rich Text Editor

# Requirements Templates


Test Management

# Test Configurations


HP Sprinter (Manual Testing)

# Connects directly to HP Quality Center

# Test Execution

# Screen Annotation and Tools

# Log defects in QC

# Data Injection

# Exploratory Testing

# Mirror Testing


Development Management

# Key Developer Integration and Collaboration


Reporting enhancements

# Generate Reports

# Embedded Web Scorecards & Graphs


Administration and Integration and Performance

# Side by Side Clients: Allows running multiple clients connecting to different versions of ALM and QC Servers (ALM 11; QC 9.2, 10.0, 11.0)

# Client Installation: User can install client on desktop without system administration rights

# REST APIs: New web services technology for simple integration with ALM platform. The ALM Synchronizer now leverages the REST APIs.

# QC Sense: Internal monitoring tool that collects data and reports on user actions performed in the user interface, and all client and server activity resulting from those actions

# Smart Repository: Optimized repository system, that creates better performance for common actions, and reduces the size of the file system

Features in Nutshell:

When you earn the HP AIS - HP Application Lifecycle Management v11 certification, you prove that you have mastered the skills to be able to:

# Centrally manage and track all application projects

# Attain real-time visibility into the application lifecycle

# Centrally manage and enforce consistent work-flows and processes

# Reduce duplication of effort across projects

# Provide an aggregated, cross-application project view of quality status and defect trends

# Facilitate collaboration and communication among internal and external stakeholder groups, across multiple projects

Reference: Compilation from current datasheets published by HP

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