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Prior to understanding the LoadRunner as a performance-testing tool, let us understand a few basics of the Performance Testing as such. Performance Testing is the process of testing and fine tuning the software application in line with the intent of realizing the desired performance.

Performance Testing is a part of Performance Engineering Domain. It covers commonly referred term load or spike or stress testing and validating the system performance.

Usually there are Three main Categories of Performance like:

  • Speed - Is an indicator as to whether the application responds quickly enough when handled by desired number of users
  • Scalability

size=2> - Is an indicator as to whether the application is capable to handle the load of expected number of users and can go beyond as well or not.
  • Stability - Is an indicator as to whether the application is stable enough under the expected and unexpected users load.

  • Should we automate the Process of Performance Testing?

    A scientifically designed Performance Test Process answers following issues:

    • Does the application responds quickly enough when handled by desired number of users.
    • Whether the application capable to handle the load of expected number of users and can go beyond.
    • Whether the application capable to handle the number of transactions required by the business.
    • Whether the application Is stable under expected and unexpected user loads.

    By automating the performance testing we can quantify the impact of a change in business terms. This helps in understanding the likely risks of deployment. An effective automated performance testing process helps in making more informed release decisions, and prevents system downtime and availability problems.

    Various Elements of LoadRunner are as under:

    • Virtual User Generator captures the end-user business processes and creates an automated performance testing script which is known as a virtual user script.
    • Controller organizes, drives, manages and monitors the load test.
    • Load Generators creates load by running various virtual users.
    • The Analysis helps in viewing, dissecting and comparing the performance results.
    • Launcher provides a single point access to all components of the LoadRunner.

    Key Terminology of LoadRunner:

    Scenario is a file which defines the events taking place during every testing session, based on the performance requirements.

    In a typical scenario, the LoadRunner simulates human users with virtual users which are called Vusers. Vusers emulate the actions of human users working with the application. A scenario is a large repository, which can contain tens, hundreds, or even thousands of Vusers.

    The actions which a Vuser performs during the scenario are described in the Vuser script. We need to define transactions to measure the performance of the server. A transaction represents the end-user business processes which are desired to be measured.

    Process of Load Testing: Load testing typically consists of following five phases:

    1) Planning of Load Test:
    Involves defining the Performance Testing requirements Like How many number of concurrent users will be deployed, What shall be the typical business processes and what should be the desired response times for the application.

    2) Creation of Vuser Scripts: Involves capturing various activities of the end-user into the automated scripts.

    3) Defining a Scenario: Involves the use of LoadRunner Controller to set up the load test environment.

    4) Running a Scenario: Involves driving, managing and monitoring the load test from the LoadRunner Controller.

    5) Analyzing the Results: involves using the LoadRunner Analysis feature to create various graphs and reports and evaluate the performance.

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